Update, May 29th, 7PM CST: Qik have updated their company blog and have cleared up the situation. Basically, the core Qik experience, meaning streaming from your EVO 4G to Qik, and the 2-way video chat will be FREE. Apparently, the subscription charge will be for “some advanced premium features” that they are working on. They’ll have an announcement on June 4th with additional details on these features.

The fees just keep on coming. On top of the $10 per month “you own an EVO fee” and the somewhat more reasonable $29.99 per month fee to tether your devices to the EVO, Android Guys are reporting that if you’re looking forward to the face to face video chat feature on the phone, you should expect to shell out an extra $5 a month.


Now, as the title implies, this isn’t 100% confirmed, and may very well turn out to be fake, but Android Guys did post a picture of what they say are Sprint training manuals detailing the charge.

What’s interesting is that they say that the charge will reoccur monthly and be billed via PayPal, which lead Android Guys to speculate that the charge is on Qik’s end rather than Sprints, and we’re inclined to agree.

Many people, including us, aren’t terribly happy with the $10 per month fee, and there are actually websites set up solely to protest the monthly charge. I doubt we’ll see the same kind of backlash for this particular fee, mainly because this one seems to be optional, but it would have been nice for Sprint to have advertised this as a premium feature to begin with rather than give the impression that it will be free.

Source: Android Guys

Chris Dehghanpoor
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  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Hrm, I have been actually wondering where this 2 way chat was on my EVO. No wonder I couldn't find it - all I found was qik preinstalled.

  • RoadkillStewie

    ...It's really looking like a plan to nickle & dime people who purchase the evo into oblivion.

    You've got 10-15 in 'surcharges', now a $10 'evo' fee..and now rumors of 'surcharge' for video chat, what else?

  • boriqua2000

    hahaha..thank you $print.everyone was defending $print and their $10 a month rip off fee.saying that it was still cheaper than other carriers.now little by little $print customers are getting bled as much as possible.next up..a $10 a month fee for $print TV.hahaha..god bless america home of the rich....

  • blakiki

    "Android Guys to speculate that the charge is on Qik’s end rather than Sprints, and we’re inclined to agree."

    If this is the case, couldn't you just warez it?
    Or even better isn't it inevitable for someone to create an app with similar/identical functionality and put it up for free?