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Looking to ditch your Behold II for something a bit more upgradable(hopefully)? Well, it seems Walmart has you covered then.

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Apparently, tasty Android phones aren’t exempt from Walmart’s infamous roll backs, and they’re now offering the T-Mobile MyTouch Slide for $129.99 with a new 2 year contract – that’s $70 off the price that T-Mobile is offering.

For a mid-range Android handset that’s not a bad price, especially if you’re dying to having a QWERTY keyboard, but, for me at least, the decision becomes a bit more difficult when you consider the EVO 4G is a mere $70 more.

While the phone’s specs are definitely mid-range, the custom skin it’s running over top of the Android OS really sets the phone apart. You may recall that the MyTouch Slide is going to be the first phone on the market running HTC’s SenseUI revamp, Espresso. I wasn’t too thrilled with the pictures of the interface when we covered it here and here, but if you’re into bright colors and lots of bubbly buttons, you may want to give this phone a shot.

At the very least it’s nice to see T-Mobile spruce up their Android line-up with something that’s not the Motorla Cliq (or Cliq XT).

If you’re not too busy pre-ordering, leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Walmart

Via: TmoNews

Chris Dehghanpoor
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  • JustMeHere

    When you consider that on almost all metropolitan areas T Mobile on average has a better download speeds than Sprint (proved it a Sprint Store in Spring Cypress Texas, pulled out an OLD G1 and a Samsung Moment G1 got 1.8Mbps and Moment got 1Mbps). And the fact that Evo's battery life is detrimental 2 hours of full use compared to 6 of the Slide .. the slide is a better choice. But quality wise, the Evo feels metalic while the slide plastic.

    If you make your purchase based on speed, you are better off with T Mobile, in addition you can have voice and data at the same time, that is.. you can have your Google Navigation and talk on the phone at the same time. With Sprint or Verizon for that matter, you get a LOST SIGNAL error after a few minutes you are on the phone, because CDMA can not do data and voice at the same time.

    HSPA+ is comparable to Clearwires 4G. and when you consider that of all major cellphone companies in the US T Mobile is the only one that can deliver real 3G or 4G like speeds Verizon a distant second and Spring a very distant 3rd. The choice is obvious. just wish T Mobile had better selection of phones.

    Now if you live in the woods or boonies, you are better off with Verizon.

    As you all saw, ATT is simply not an option, cause speedwise it offers the worst service of all. And their customer service is worse than AWFUL. Last time I tried being a customer of theirs the operator answered in a very amicable voice:

    "How can I make you Happy Today"

    Then I asked why they didnt install the DSL service they offered the previous day, they stated that my application did not have my Apt No. I offered to send them a copy of my application that clearly showed it was there, and they responded I had to wait another 2 weeks. Thats ATT for you. So whom ever does business with them, they should know they are up against the worst service I've seen on Earth, including 3rd World countries.

  • Brina

    In my personal opinion the new mytouch rocks. Looks wise which for me is very important. .call me shallow. . I've had 3 iphones and I own an ipads. So I'll say this, this phone nor does any phone have anything on the iphizzle. And the next one coming out is a head Turner to say the least. Back to the point I've went from the iphone to the eris. Which I quite liked. Just a bit rough around the edges to me. I then went to the Cliq XT. That was tough. It was attractive enough, I suppose but it's 1.5?? How does one go from 2.2 to 1.5?? So that was short lived. Here I am with my slide. And I dig it! I think it's attractive, fast and current. My boyfriend just got the Evo and he waves that thing around like it's the cure for cancer or something. Truthfully in my humble opinion. .it ain't all that! It's got a few features that surpass the current yes but other then that Sprint still sucks and the things almost as big as my ipad! Soo right point being it's a great phone as far as the android family goes and I would recommend it whole heartedley :-P

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Good stuff, and funny :-]

      But tell me, why did you go for Android if you liked Apple that much? And why do you keep sticking to it? Or are you just talking about your love for them visually but once it comes to features Android wins?

  • Brina

    Truth be told I, like many others hate att. It's a lot of money to have an iphone with att. So based on cost and the fact that t mobile offers a no contract deal I do the android tmobile thing. However my iphone is unlocked so I do still use it just under tmobile. I may love my custom pink iphone better then any phone I've ever had but for those looking at droids I love my mytouch slide and totally recommend o_O

  • delirium

    i got my mytouch slide through tmobile and i was told 190.. if i tell them that walmart has it for 130 do u think they will cut the cost. also reading ur article ... u used an iphone on tmobile??? can u do that with other phones as well??/

  • bash

    It says it's for $99.99 here on walmart: