samsung galaxy s

We’ve already heard quite a bit about Samsung’s flagship Android device, the Galaxy S, but a definitive release date was never given to us. Until now.


CNET are reporting today that the smartphone will be available in Asia from June, which means that it could be arriving in just a week from now. Those wanting to buy it unsubsidized will have to pay a whopping S$1,098, which is quite steep considering that the HTC Desire is on the market for just S$898.

Of course, the Galaxy S is sporting Samsung’s Super AMOLED display, which offers better image quality and reduces 80% of sunlight glare, making it ideal for outdoor use. As the only two devices currently on the market with Super AMOLED displays are both manufactured by Samsung, they’ll want to cash in while they still can.

Pre-orders are also available from UK technology website Play.com, at £449.99, with an estimated release date of June 10th, so it seems that a worldwide release is just around the corner.

The Galaxy S will ship with Android 2.1, although Samsung have said that they plan to upgrade the device to Android 2.2 in the future, so hopefully, users won’t have to wait long for the upgrade.

Source: CNET

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