Updated 05/25/2010, 6:06PM CST: An anonymous tipster from inside Google let us know that this is actually a release candidate and not a test build. The distinction is important, because a release candidate may end up being the final release unless bugs are found that require attention.

Updated 05/25/2010, 4:50PM CST: Our contributor Nate Kimmey pointed me to this update by Google employee Ry Guy on the Nexus One support forums:

Hi all,

Thanks for the responses!

Just wanted to give a heads up that the build floating around is not the official Froyo release. You will get an automatic notification when we OTA the build, no need to manually download it. You will still get the automatic notification if the official release is a newer version than the one you have, so don't sweat...but I'd highly recommend waiting for our official release :)

@Bhushan4181: You will get the OTA update as long as you are connected to the internet and can communicate with Google servers.

We are striving hard to OTA the build to you ASAP, thanks for your patience!


This is as official a confirmation as we’ll get that this is not the final build of Froyo. Hopefully we’ll start seeing that roll out soon, but until then, run the build at your own risk (it’s been fine on my Nexus One)

Shortly after TechCrunch first reported that they received the Froyo OTA, many blogs, including ours, briefly speculated that the update was only being rolled out to phones that had previously been provided to the press for review purposes.

This is theoretically possible, as it’s likely that Google has a list of IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) numbers that could be used in order to release a targeted OTA update.

However, TechCrunch updated their story to report that Google has in fact confirmed the OTA and once the file leaked, people didn’t seem to care anyways as they were just happy to have Froyo working on there on their phone.

That’s what makes this tweet from Android engineer Romain Guy so interesting:

2010-05-24 19h50_22

Since Twitter doesn’t provide the absolute time on their timestamps, this tweet was made at around 5:50PM CST on Monday, May 24th 2010.

So basically, if this is true, it means that the Froyo build that’s floating around out there is for testing purposes only. This may be the reason that Google killed the download link that had previously leaked.

I replied to Romain asking for details as to what may be different in the new build versus the leaked build, but he hasn’t responded yet. Hopefully we’ll be able to get our hands on the newer OTA shortly so we can see exactly may be different, if anything. At this point, I don’t think we can expect any drastic changes, but hopefully we’ll see a few fixes to some of the bugs people have been complaining about.

We’ll keep you updated as this progresses.

Source: Romain Guy’s Twitter

Chris Dehghanpoor
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  • lokesh

    If this is in fact true, would we get the final build as an ota even after updating to the test build?

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      Hard to say...I'm not sure if there would be a different build number for the final OTA or not. Either way I'm sure it'll leak as well, so there should be an easy way to move from the current build to the final build, if this is in fact true.

    • MagicMike

      Ry Guy: "You will still get the automatic notification if the official release is a newer version than the one you have, so don’t sweat…but I’d highly recommend waiting for our official release"

  • lokesh

    Well I really hope Its true... this build of froyo isn't as Awesome as I had hoped :(

  • Cesar

    Hopefully it is just a test version cause I have noticed a couple of bugs here and there with the browser specially. Does anybody know if there is a thread somewhere that talks about the bugs???

  • Dean

    I speculated to this on the other thread, hmmm this is very concerning. What will happen when they do OTA the update? Everyone that manual installed will have to reverse to 2.1update1? This are questions that will need answering hmmmm. Keep us updated AndroidPolice!

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      I think at worse you'll just have to follow the manual upgrade instructions...but we'll definitely keep you updated!

  • Lokesh

    Yeah another question was, if there is no difference between the build version on this test build and the final OTA update, how will we "update" from the same version to the same version? It's just going to tell the user that the version that is trying to be installed is already installed right?
    Also yeah is there somewhere that the bugs of Froyo have been discussed?

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      I'm guessing there would be a slight change in the version somewhere, either in the build name(frf50) or elsewhere. Worse case, we'd have to manual upgrade, but it shouldn't be any more difficult than upgrading to frf50.

  • Tiago

    His tweet came from an iPhone! :O

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      Haha, I feel bad because people have been bugging the dude (as you can see in his past tweets). Tweetie for OSX has a bug that identifies tweets as coming from the iPhone when they've been made on a Mac ;)

  • Cesar
  • Penny

    I did the manual update....yeah a few of my favorite apps aren't working and I've only found that the game fish food can be added to SD. My biggest concern is how hot the phone gets when charging and that it never stops showing the charge sign in the battery icon, even when fully charged! Other than that, I'm pretty happy! :)

  • Arkar

    I manually updated to Froyo on my stock N1 from T-mobile. Is that mean, my N1 is rooted now? I don't understand, have I voided warranty? I just bought it a month ago. If I am unable to get further update automatically, I think I should just root the device.

    • kerodean

      No, as I understand it, that is not rooting. You simply just forced and update on the phone.

  • Cesar

    Don't worry arkar you did not root your phone by doing the manual update to foyo or lost your warranty... unless you unlock the boot loader you wont be able to root the phone... so don't worry.

    • Arkar

      Thanks! its good to know that I am still in the good shape. I don't plan to root till I got around 6 months to 1 year.

  • BobbyPhoenix

    So no new news on this?

  • Cesar

    I guess not. Has anyone had any bugs with the browser??

    • Cesar

      So when will this OTA be available???

      • Chris Dehghanpoor

        According to the original tweet, should be in the next few weeks.

  • lokesh

    Oh I'm SO glad that this was just a yet build! Hopefully the final will be more polished!

  • BobbyPhoenix

    Good to know. The "test" version is working very well for me now that the devs updated the apps I use, so the final release should rock! I'm glad we don't need to manually install it either. Just wait for the OTA. Cheers!

  • Penny

    No bugs in the browser. Flash runs pretty good. The charging indicator in the battery icon (yay). My biggest concern running the manual update, as I stated before is hot the battery gets when charging. :-(

  • lokesh

    I wish we had a date for thisthis

  • Allan

    I somehow found a link to the 2.2 update on May 24th, 2010 and updated my Nexus One. I've developed an app and have it on the Market - it's a calculator type app that uses a couple of input lines.

    Here's a 2.2 bug: You know how the softkeypad causes input lines and other focused views to pan above the softkeypad when it appears?...well, that's not working properly for me now. Also, when I go back and forth between input lines and then try to type in numbers - they don't show, but when I left scroll within the input line - there they are, the numbers appear.

    Hard to describe exactly what's happening but there seems to be a bug in that area for sure.

    My guess is that when the final build comes out - things will automatically update over-the-air. Thanks everybody!

  • Penny

    I've managed to find one irritating little bug.....sometimes when I take a picture, I've got lines.