Last Updated: May 23rd, 2010

Big thanks to the folks over at this XDA thread that discovered the URL!

Disclaimer! We are not responsible for any harm that may occur due to your flashing or attempting to flash this rom

Here is the official download link from Google:

Google seems to have removed their link. I'm mirroring the file here. Man, you guys killed my Dropbox too! Here's another mirror. Let me know if the mirror stops working. I personally uploaded that file and verify its authenticity.

One our contributors confirmed a successful flash by using our instructions, so we have verified this now works. At this point, make sure you're running a completely stock Nexus One. NO WIPE was required to go from stock ERE27 to Froyo

What You'll Need To Flash This

  • At this point, Nexus One with the stock recovery and system image. Looking at the title, I'm guessing you'll need to be on ERE27

It's been rooted! See here and here.

How To Flash

I grabbed these instructions from Android Central, so be sure to show them some love:

  1. Download the update from here.
  2. Rename the file to update.zip. Note that if you're using Windows, just rename it to "update" (no quotes, of course) because it's already a zipped file.
  3. Copy the update.zip file onto your microSD card.
  4. With your Nexus One off, hold down the trackball and press the power button.
  5. You'll be booted into a white screen with three Android robots on skateboards. Select "Bootloader."
  6. On the next screen, select "Recovery."
  7. Your phone will reboot, giving you a picture of the Android robot and an exclamation point inside a triangle.
  8. Now press the power button and volume up button at the same time. It could take a couple of tries.
  9. Now (using the trackball this time) choose "Apply sdcard:update.zip" and let things run their course.

Ways To Root

The two biggest players in the Nexus One rom scene have already rooted the rom! You have two options:

I haven't tested either yet, but will as soon as I get home (in an hour or so).  Drop us a line if you've used either method.

What About AT&T Nexus Ones?

Users on unrooted AT&T Nexus One's will have trouble with the above steps since the rom is designed for coming from the ERE27 version of 2.1 which is T-Mobile specific. However, it seems that if your AT&T Nexus One has been rooted, you can flash the update using a third party recovery image and still have 3G. Here is a user report from XDA-Developers:

Installed Paul's Update using Amon_RA custom recovery on an AT&T. Confirmed that I have 3G coverage and everything seems to be in working order.
As of right now I can't confirm this - anyone with a rooted AT&T Nexus want to give this a try and let us know?

Anyone brave enough to try these steps? Be sure to drop us a line if this works for you.  I'll update this post as more information becomes available.

Chris Dehghanpoor
Chris is an Android devotee based out of Houston, TX. He enjoys indie rock, general geekery and long walks on the beach. If you can't find him online, he's probably playing Plants VS Zombies.
  • Lokesh

    So has anyone manually updated yet?

    • Helge Ringberg

      yepp, lots of people on XDA forums, im doing now...

    • besnik

      Just did the update on my nexus one, works great

    • capoG

      tried to do it last night on my phone and astro file app a hundred times a hundred download links nothing worked finally got my laptop did it with the info provided here and its awesome homie u guys need this
      thanks so much big props to android police,

  • jay

    will all saved app data be lost from the update?

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      No wipe required.

      • jay

        so you're saying all my widgets and settings won't change? (assuming it updates normally)

  • rizzle

    What are the risks involved in this? ie. bricking, warranty void, losing data

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      All of the above(except for warranty voiding I think), though none are likely as long as you're on stock, and follow the instructions.

  • slick

    its running its course right now!!! i will update soon!!!

  • slick

    man do i love u guys or what,.. seriously this is SO BLAZZZZZZZING FUCKIN FAST

  • Dean

    its bollocks... i tried it signature failed. im on ere27 aswell..

    • slick

      u didnt do it right its workin like a charm here baby. and its zoooooooooom fast

      • Dean

        think i renamed an old rom... sorry i might be talking bollox meself... ill try again!

        edit: its updating :)

        people stop hacking roms as i have that f******* many i renamed a poop rom and cried... but i'm now a REAL happy mofo!

        • slick

          i did the same thing, i had the old update.zip from the update1 on 2.1 ! lol..

          but thankfully i deleted tht first before reloading the new update.zip file... man its awesome!!!

  • Lokesh

    Just updated with these steps on my stock N1! I now have froyo baby!!

    • slick

      hey did ur phone take a long time to boot up the gfirst time? i see all those x;s lfying in for the past 3 minutes!!!

      but they are flying real fast, unlike before !! lol

  • sruIZ126

    Yeah it took a while to boot up but its worth the wait. YEAH FROYO!

    • Habechian

      Yesssss! OK! 2.2 ..Nexus...from Brazil!

  • lulzim

    just updated my nexus one, works great

  • Matt

    Would this work on Motorola Droid?

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      No X1000. Don't try to flash it if you enjoy your phone. (it may not brick the phone, but it's not worth even trying)

  • BobbyPhoenix

    So if I do this, and later down the road 2.3 comes out, I won't have problems? I mean doing this I get the official FroYo update as if I waited for the OTA?

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      This should be the case, yes. This is the URL that is used to retrieve the file from the OTA update, so it's completely legit.

    • Garet

      even if it wont dont worry you can get 2.3 the same way ;)

  • lokesh

    Anyone tried the flash on the browser?

    • Garet

      yes HULU doesnt work yet but it works just about everywhere else I tried

  • Eric

    Didn't work for me. Had failure in install. I have build number EPE54B and on AT&T. Can anyone help me?

    • Mike

      You didn't do anything wrong, this update is for the TMO N1s running ERE27. Hopefully our update comes soon :(

  • Baddboi

    Pre-Rooted FROYO on XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=686631

    Update.zip format, so you can install from custom recovery!!!

  • http://None.com Dean

    Done It works great, except Wi-Fi Tethering it will connect to the computer but it won't connect to the internet?! Hmmm could this be a human mistake or is T-Mobile going to charge for tethering?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com Andrew Huff

      That has to be supported by your carrier aka t-mobile so it will probably have to be modified on your account and chances are that might mean a charge

    • FullonFroYo

      Tethering worked for me. I connected my ipod Touch and was able to surf to ESPN and run applications that require an internet connection. It turns off any Wi-Fi connection and turns on the tethering app. Once the devices are connected, the tethered device uses the 3G connection on the N1.

    • tmogeek

      Tethering, both wifi and cable worked fine.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com Andrew Huff

        ahhh that makes me happy to hear then since I wasn't 100% sure about details in regards to it working or not without provider support

  • Ken

    2 words: bad ass.

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      Tell me about it! Too bad I'm stuck at work and can't flash it at the moment. I'm dying inside!

  • http://www.androidpolice.com Andrew Huff

    Please Remember this is for T-mobile Nexus Ones as far as I know. The download is legit and if you follow the instructions and are completely stock it'll install and run like a charm!

  • Griff

    What is you are on EPE54B? Can it still be done?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com Andrew Huff

      Only ERE27 as far as I know

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      Updated the post with additional information for ATT users

      • http://www.androidpolice.com Andrew Huff

        now that's awesome

  • Will S

    Running Froyo here in MN.

    Looks like Gtalk is updated slightly.

  • reddragon72

    I just did this and is worked. I now have Froyo Android 2.2 on my phone. I'll look at everything and see if anything is not working, but so far so good. And yes it does seem snappier all around. SD move does not work on current apps, heard they must be compiled with the 2.2 SDK for that so nothing can move over to the SD card at this time.

  • lokesh

    My nexus one is not T-Mobile or at&t... I Just bought it off Google... I updated It with this though... is that bad?

    • BobbyPhoenix

      When you bought if online you had to pick an option to be compatible with AT&T bands, or T-Mobile bands. What did you pick? If you didn't pick then you bought it before they released the AT&T version, so your good to go.

  • Deji

    aaaaaaahhhhh biting my nails...so afraid it's gonna brick! will update

  • Arkar

    Shall I wait for OTA or go head and do it. I am on Even more plus on T-mobile and yes I got ERE27?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com Andrew Huff

      If you want it now go for it lol

  • Carlos

    is it just me or are any of you guys getting several force close and a bit unresponsive from time to time (like home screen scrolling, youtube app/widg does not work....). ????


    N1 - Factory shipped condition

    • http://www.androidpolice.com Andrew Huff

      Personally I haven't had any problems yet. The only thing application-wise I've heard not working so far is Dolphin Browser HD

      • BobbyPhoenix

        Same here. Dolphin HD, and Lookout. I restarted again and Dolphin is working, but not lookout still. I going to uninstall, and then redownload to see if that works.

      • FullonFroYo

        chompSMS isn't working for me, but other users have let the developer know...should just be a matter of time.

        • BobbyPhoenix

          I was just going to add that. Thanks. Also Swype Beta not working.

        • melanchete

          Read the chompSMS forum.


          The beta fixes the issue. Monday they will post a new version that will be froyo friendly.

    • tmogeek

      I am not seeing the issues you are having, but I am having trouble with Handsent, it FC's (at least the message gets sent) The standard message program works fine. Also I have an app that uses GPS that won't release it without a battery pull. I haven't isolated it, but its not maps or Foursquare. PITA cuz it drains the battery.

  • karsty

    Working absolutely great! Thanks for the link and help.

  • brian

    worked for me too. t-mobile.

  • http://iamzrad.com Phil S

    Works on my N1! (T-mobile). Non-rooted.

  • Ken


    Here's a synopsis of the main things of 2.2:

    flash (have to download the app from the marketplace)

    Upgraded messaging UI

    A choice of password, pattern, or PIN lock screen


    New widgets


    The bottom dock thing

    That's all I can think of so far

    • tmogeek

      Better functionality in the car dock too. Autorotate when in landscape mode.

  • lasse

    NICE!!!!!!!!!! so much faster. handcent and scandinavian keyboard crashes alot tho...force close

    • Leaderone

      Hey Lasse. Im from Norway. And got my Nexus from OneCall. Was the update ok? Except the problems with Scandinavian keyboard?


  • Surra

    E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Where am I failing???

    • BobbyPhoenix

      Make sure you have the stock T-Mobile version. It is not for the AT&T version yet.

  • lawpack

    I updated it, its fassssst but I thought it support flash game ???

    • baroquon

      Everything seemed to work, but I too lack flash. No flash at all... anyone else?

      • baroquon

        just had to manually install it. works great.

  • DrE

    You have to download flash player from market

  • c1rca310

    is this the final release? do i have to root my n1?

  • Kit

    Anyone notice that the .com button is gone on the browser after the update?

  • Smith

    I don't get the big deal that some people make about adding root permissions to a ROM.

    That's the EASY bit. Copying two files over and adding a couple of lines of code.

    The hard part is unlocking the bootloader (well that's easy on the Nexus) and being able to get into a custom recovery image to flash the rooted ROM.

  • TankMorph

    Installed Paul's rooted image...T-Mobile N1...worked perfectly.

  • rob

    Im on 3 mobile in the UK, updated to froyo nicely! The lights at the bottom go out when you dim the clock now! :) flash works well. :) a few apps don't want to play, fc or say there is no internet access, I guess they just need updating for 2.2

  • José Couves

    Hi, just updated from Brazil, I use TIM as my telco. Boots VERY slowly on the first time, and then all the widgets on the screen seem unresponsive for a minute or two.
    After a while, everything goes back to expected, and everything works like a charm! Some apps are still not compatible, though.
    BTW, you have to manually download the Flash Player from the market or on a few sites that have this option.

  • qdlt

    Many thanks, guys! You're the greatest!
    Just updated from Poland and works like a charm.

  • ArK

    From Brazil, updated with zero problems, it even lets you keep everything you had, even stuff like laucherPRO.
    Had to take out shortcuts for camera and calendar apps because they were completely reworked, just add them again.
    It's clearly MUCH faster, 100% working Flash 10.1 (install it from the store), lets you move installed apps to SD card.

    • Habechian

      How can I take pictures of the screens of Nexus and save ? Same way iPhone.

  • MLK

    First minute impressions: Phone keypad and browser shortcut added to every desktop. Smarter keyboard. Fixed icon naming bug. Auto screen brightness shortcut.
    Best gadget ever!!!

  • MLK

    Wifi hotspot working smooth.

    • Habechian

      How can I move installed apps to SD card ?

  • BobbyPhoenix

    The devs need to update their apps for them to work with 2.2's "move to sd". On a side note. Chomp now works with their newest release, and Swype works too. For Swype you need to uninstall, and reinstall. the last app not working for me is Lookout. I have sent the dev a message. I love FroYo!

  • BobbyPhoenix

    Just a quick question for anyone who can answer please. When I did the update I also received the "E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command", but I was able to continue. I now have 2.2. Is that error common, or is something wrong with my phone? I did it yesterday, and have no problems so far other than certain apps FCing like everyone else. Also I noticed there are multiple instructions from various sites to do the manual update with only sight variations to it. For example one says to "4. # Hold down the “Volume Down” button as you power the phone back on.", but I followed the one from here which says to "4. With your Nexus One off, hold down the trackball and press the power button.". Is there a difference between holding the trackball versus the volume down?

  • misterfan

    The URL doesn't work :( Google says file not found. Am I missing something? Or was I too late and Google caught on?

    Anyone know of an alternate download location for the official file?

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      Interesting. I'll get a mirror up later, until then, google that file name - you should be able to find it elsewhere as well.

      • Paul

        Any luck with the mirror of the original file hosted at google site. I have seen an unrestricted version floating around update-nexusone-FRF50-signed but this file is almost twice as large as the original so not sure I trust it.

  • Josh

    Any one else having trouble on an ERE27 build installing? I keep getting the signature failed error. I got my N1 directly from Google as I am a developer (pretty sure its unlocked and carrier-agnostic).

    Any ideas?

    • hanif

      josh, you get this error when zip file is corrupted. download the file again. happened to me too.


  • MiKeCT

    manually updated my N1 wow loving it no problem's at all. Thanks

  • http://it-nthusiast.blogspot.com/ Lorin

    Hello everybody. Google removed the download link from their official servers, but an external download link can be found here: http://it-nthusiast.blogspot.com/2010/05/manually-update-your-nexus-one-to.html

  • Oli

    Thanks, perfect instructions.
    5 minute job...

    Nexus One

  • Cristian

    It works. Also Flashplayer. But overall not too much impressed... I am waiting alarm working with phone shut down and radio fm....

  • http://none Cristian

    It works. Also Flashplayer. But overall not too much impressed... I am waiting alarm working with phone shut down and radio fm....Vodafone, Romania.

  • bulaboy

    Have successfully installed and running like a charm here in New Zealand on Vodafone network.

  • Dean

    That is weird why Google removed their download site. Has anyone recieved the download OTA? Does the OTA differ from the download provided to the press phones?

  • Hugo

    -- Install from sdcard...
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    E:failed to opens /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory)
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    What did i do wrong? my nexus one is stock. its ERE27. im running android 2.1 update-1 is that the problem? i need help!

    • Dean

      Your phone is correct, Try this put the update file on the core of the SD Card. This means not to put it in a folder, I suggest backup your SD then format to FAT32 and apply the downloaded update file. Make sure is is a .ZIP file and follow the rest of the install instructions. Good Luck!

  • lolobabes

    am from the Philippines i downloaded last night on my stock N1 and am loving it… but i cant figure out how to move applications to the sd card the move on sd card button cant be pressed, anyone can help?

    * if you download on windows OS, rename the file just “update”.

    * after the the exclamation mark with the android just press the “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons( i counted 3 seconds before releasing, be patient here)

    i hope installing this now doesnt have any other effect because am not from the US… ty

    some applications suddenly were not working well like handcent and HTC_IME is that normal? ty

    • Dean

      Yes it is, many of mine didn't work. Many of the developers have not updated their apps for install to SD and the 2.2 update. Give it time and reinstall your apps, remember right now the N1 is the only phones that have the update OTA. Good luck

      • lolobabes


        ty for the quick reply... good luck to all then, ahihihihi

  • Leaderone

    Norway with OneCall, works like a charm.

  • Checksum_Froyo

    Can anyone provide a checksum for the update file just to make sure we're not downloading crap from mirror sites?

  • Aamir Yaseen

    I am Loving it :) Froyo..

  • carlos

    Is this the final release of froyo?

  • Arkar

    Thank you; I waited two days to upgrade it but I just did it and it was worth it. Thank you.

  • Arkar

    It is just me or did Google changed the stock keyboard? I think the alphabet got bigger, or maybe not.

  • Simon

    Phew...working on Telstra Australia.

  • Steve

    Just updated & working great so far. Lightning fast and flash player is so sweeeet!

    Also, prior to this. My Tmobile N1 was getting horrible 3G service. Now, it's always on. Very happy.

  • Leonardo Leal

    Does this Manual Update include all of the OTA update content or OTA brings more software Pieces (parts that are not in the Android Core package) than Manual Update?

    If I'm gonna miss software pieces by doing Manual I would wait... if not I'm totally updating this File I Just downloaded.

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      This the same file that the OTA downloads and flashes to the phone, so all the features are the same.

  • Bob

    My phone keeps on foreclosing and freezing. Any advice?

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      Did you wipe before the upgrade?

      • Bob

        No I did not. It keeps on showing the arrows chasing each other in a circle. Like when it downloads emails or something like that. It will not stop though. Has this happened to you chris?

        • Chris Dehghanpoor

          Hmm. I'd really recommend a wipe and then re-install if at all possible. I had the the arrows you're referring to for a while after I initially upgraded, but I think that was just my calendar syncing. You can always go into settings -> sync settings, and then disable/re-enable background data to have everything re-sync properly if it seems stuck. I never had any issues with force closing though, but I also wiped before I upgraded.

          Are you using the rooted version or the stock version?

        • Bob

          It is a stock version. How would I perform a wipe? I just tried to reinstall the update. It is loading now.

        • Chris Dehghanpoor

          It's been a while since I've used stock firmware, but I believe if you follow the instructions I provided above up until step 8, when you're at the recovery menu, instead of choosing apply sdcard:update.zip, there should be an option to wipe.

        • Bob

          wipe cache or wipe factory rest?

        • Chris Dehghanpoor

          You'll probably want to do both(you can do one, and then the other, doesn't matter what order), but keep in mind this will wipe everything off your phone that's not stored on the SD card: app installs, text messages, things like that. Just a heads up!

  • Brad Kali

    Im not sure if anyone mentioned this, but just updated to android 2.2 on the Nexus One. And simply amazed at the changes and speed. The camera has been updated and it phenomenal.

    Screw apple. Hello google.

  • j fer

    How can I know if my nexus is running ere27?

  • safeplayer22

    I have only one question. Since this is not the final version of the update, will installing it now have any affect when the official OTA version comes out from Google?

    Will I get notification about the OTA version?

  • Eric

    What would happen if i flashed this onto a htc hero g2 rooted, running modaco 3.+. I have 1.5 firmware right now and would love to get the newer market and test this with all the goodies that are available for it. Whats the worst that could happen, i would have to reflash a back up nandroid go back to the original?

  • Eric

    What would happen if i flashed this onto a htc hero g2 rooted, running modaco 3.+. I have 1.5 firmware right now and would love to get the newer market and test this with all the goodies that are available for it. Whats the worst that could happen, i would have to reflash a back up nandroid go back to the original? Or will it totally brick my phone and destroy everything i have already done. If you could provide a link for this rom meant for hero g2 gsm that would be great or email me with it. thanks in advance...

  • squareeyes

    this is awesome news...well done guys.

    will this work on the Desire?

    please say yes please say yes...:)

  • kingkongnuclear

    ok i'm absolutely noob about this..i DL-ed the file (i'm on OSX) and safari decompresses the file immediately. Do i compress the file and name it update.zip again?

    • Nico

      yes, and put it in your sd card then follow the instructions on how to flash... If you do not wish to auto unzip trusted files after download is completed, you can change the setting by going to: Safari > preferences > General > uncheck "Open safe files after downloading". It gets annoying for me every time it auto unzips, hope this helps...

  • Arnaldo

    Hello, I upgraded but i'm having many problems. some of these that are really annoying are lower touch sensitivity.

    How can i go back to android 2.1 or the stock that came with my phone. I'm not rooted and have never unlocked the bootloader and do not wish to.

    Thank You for all your help!

  • isaac

    how do i do this on a mac from stock 2.1

  • Nemesis

    Screen will fade out when locked, not a big deal but that what i noticed so far.

  • Doans

    no apps lost this works no joke i just did it i got flash on my nexus one yes

  • http://chspsa.com Ramone

    Hey everyone... I would like to advise that I have a non-rooted Nexus one on the t-mobile network and I successfully flashed it with the FRF50 from ERE27, verified everything worked with no data loss and just now while typing this completed the FRF72 update! Everything seems to be in perfect operating condition. Thank you ALL who were responsible for making this possible.. From google, to the people here that put the instruction set together.. AWESOME JOB !!!

  • Pun

    anybody know if it'll work on a htc incredible?

  • lolobabes

    stock N1 manually updated to FRF50 when it came out but didnt update on FRF72 – when I woke up just an hour ago I got the OTA update for FRF85B (1.9MB), am in the Philippines… ty Google

  • http://www.startbreakingfree.com Brian Armstrong

    Thanks it worked!

    Just so people know - after it finally rebooted it took a LONG time (maybe 15 minutes) to sync the contacts and everything again. During this time some of the applications would not load like phone, contacts, etc. This freaked me out at first. But it did finally finish syncing and appears to be working.

    Thanks again!

  • Slie

    I found the At&t version of this file, and used these instructions. Engadget posted the link to Google's servers.

    I am now on Froyo, FRF85B from EPE54B worked like a charm. about to put the new one.

    If you need the file I still have it. 44.6MB

    • Martijn van Egmond

      I have ere27 on my N1. Can you provide me with the download link? Seems like Google took down the link indeed!

  • Fauxfire

    any idea if this will work on the sanyo zio from cricket? i only ask cause the current android os is 1.6 and i've been playing with a nexus one with froyo and i reeeeely reeeeeeeeeeely want froyo now :)

  • android

    can any one tell me how to update eclair to froyo

  • Max Tepermeister

    mirror has stopped working. I can't find this file anywhere!!!