BREAKING: Android 2.2 Froyo OTA Now Available For The Nexus One!

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It looks like Google has started the rollout process of Froyo to the Nexus One. Go to your device's settings and have it check for updates - there is a chance that you can download it right now.

MG Siegler of TechCrunch has successfully performed the update after seeing an update notification on his Nexus One and snapped the photos below.

At the Google I/O conference, the only answer I could get from Android developers regarding Froyo release to the N1 was "soon". However, they hinted that it would *really* soon, and so I was very skeptical of baseless updates like this one claiming a June release date without a source to back it up.

According to MG, his phone is indeed much faster, which is quite expected.

So how many of you is the update available to? How must faster does it feel?

Live Updates

Update 3:30AM PST: Google may have started with US devices, as international users in our comments are reporting not seeing the update. My only advice is be patient and hope for the speedy rollout.

Update 7AM PST: From the comments around the web and in this post, it looks like almost nobody has the update yet. However, reports started surfacing from some twitter users who also claim receipt of the 2.2 update (thanks reddit). If these are true, it looks like Google started the rollout at a very slow pace, probably to see how it does in the wild. Hopefully the rate will pick up soon.






Update 9:29AM CST: Chris here, I'll be updating this post from now on with any important information as I come across it. I've been following this thread on XDA-Developers for information as it develops.

So far, I've picked up the following tidbits from the thread (that I can't confirm - I'm just relaying what's being said):

  • You'll apparently need both the stock recovery and stock system image flashed to your phone in order to successfully flash the Froyo update
  • If you have the stock image but a 3rd party recovery, you should still be able to receive the Froyo update, but you likely won't be able to flash it
  • Users in the thread are reporting receiving an update after flashing the stock rom on their phone - I think most of these users are flashing the ERD79, the original shipping rom, and are receiving the update to ERE27, Google's OTA update to 2.1-update1

I have gone ahead and flashed my Nexus with the latest official Eclair rom from Google - ERE27. I'm not able to flash the stock recovery at the moment since I don't have access to my laptop. Fingers crossed for the update.

I'll continue posting updates as the story progresses.

Update 10:10AM CST: Ladies and gentlemen, this is official. While we haven't received the update ourselves, Engadget has revealed that they too have now have the Froyo OTA, thus validating TechCrunch's original post.

If you feel like doing the community a favor, drop me a line at [email protected] if you receive the update, and I'll walk you through a few ways that we may be able to use to get the update URL

Update 12:45PM CST: Endgadget is now reporting that they've done some "some additional investigation" and it appears that the update is only rolling out to Nexus Ones previously provided to the press.  Still waiting on an official confirmation from Google.

Update 1:55PM CST: Twitter user NinjaRobot has posted a fairly convincing picture of his phone downloading the 2.2 update. It's unclear at this point, but he doesn't appear to have a press phone. I've reached out to NinjaRobot for comment.

BREAKING: Android 2.2 Froyo OTA Now Available For The Nexus One!

BREAKING: Android 2.2 Froyo OTA Now Available For The Nexus One!

Are Droid and EVO 4G up next? Who wants to take bets on the number of months it would take and which one of the two would win?

Source: TechCrunch

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  • http://twitter.com/KhalidAlomar Khalid Alomar

    Still nothing! :(

  • Iliyan

    That's exactly the reason why I should have bought a Nexus One and not the Desire (I live in Germany)... HTC are slow with updates and I predict at least 2 months of anxiety...

    Considering that the N1 has a single annoyance (the touch buttons), while the Desire has two (the optical trackball and no US 3G), I should have definitely gotten the N1 when I was in the US 3 weeks ago... But nooo, at that time I still thought WinMo rules and was super happy with my "cool" HD2. And the N1 is so expensive in Europe.

    • teitiel

      yeah, now im pissed too because I've bought a Desire.

      Need FroYo

      btw im form austria ;)

  • Guy

    Hasn't come to my phone yet!! I want it now!!!!! ugh lol

  • qb

    in Malaysia. n nothing. says sys is up to date

  • johann

    Nothing yet. Philippines here.can't wait.

  • Itay

    Nothing here yet, UK.

    How do these updates work anyway?
    is it like a website that the nexus one pings and checks?

    if that's the case, it seems like this should be simultaneous for everyone everywhere....

    This is also contradicted by the official google tweet: http://twitter.com/googleio/status/14385195791

  • Lawpack

    No update avaliable for my N1 :(

    I am in Hong Kong~

    • Stella

      Same here. Waiting for the update (in HK).

  • http://twitter.com/edable88 Edable88

    i live in nyc and i havent received an update yet....i wonder if this is even true

  • Krystopher

    Still waiting here (West Coast US) with much anticipation.

  • http://www.teezeh.de teezeh

    No system alert on my N1 yet - I live in Germany and use the Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile network...

  • jun9100

    Still waiting here (China)

  • AK

    I have a US bought phone, but am travelling in Europe and am only using WiFi to connect to the internet...

    No update available yet over WiFi...

  • chucky

    Looks like the international N1 owners got wait a few days more?Well aleast with flash enabled,we can laught those those iphone users.....keke.

  • http://twittet.com/paulreilly Paul Reilly

    Funny... no one else has reported this first hand. Also look at the techcrunch screen capture.. android version appears to be slightly misaligned by a pixel to the left. Could this be techcrunch link bait?

  • AAOnline

    I am in NJ...still waiting...I cant wait...

  • Hero Nakamuro

    Fukin HTC, fukin hero...

  • http://www.kenkuhl.com Ken

    still "2.1-update1"

    US T-Mobile Nexus One.

  • Gustavo Petit

    seems to be FAKE!

  • mark

    Lying fuck. Baseless bull shit. Get your facts straight before you post asshole.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Got an attitude problem a bit? You must be fun at parties.

    • Yogesh

      Stop posting the same lame statement on every site with this news mark. Get a life.

  • HR

    Unless they have changed the notation from "firmware version" to "Android Version" then this appears to be fake.

  • anon 23

    no update too... nexus one from philippines

    • http://www.cupcake.com CupCake

      this morning got a reply from google that non US Nexus One Users should be receiving an alert for upgrading to 2.2 in the next 2 weeks.Users with Nexus One issued for US market should be able to get the update faster, irrespective of their current location.

  • http://www.sharingmyopinion.com/ James

    TC link bait?

    How come only one person has got it so far, and they happen to write for a blog?

    Would be nice, but I'm pretty skeptical.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Yeah, it's interesting to see how this will play out. Maybe someone at Google pulled a prank of sorts and pushed it to MG only to see what would happen.

      • http://www.uvrx.com/ James

        Interesting indeed, especially if the topic starts trending on twitter... TC + egg + face. :)


  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Looks like some people on twitter received their Froyo updates - I think Google just started going really slowly.






    (from a reddit comment)

    There is hope, folks!

    • http://www.uvrx.com/ James

      Mm, fingers crossed... lets hope this gains traction, then TC can chalk up another scoop...

  • http://twitter.com/aaronhutchinson Aaron

    Ugh, this got me excited! :(
    UK Nexus user- nothing.

    Interesting to see that people in the US still aren't getting the update.

    I smell a rat.

    • Habechian

      Nothing in BRAZIL ...whit Nexus

  • coelacanth

    In SF, AT&T version N1, no update yet. Let's go already!

  • shan

    Malaysia nexus one.no update yet.either its a hoax or they are rolling it in batches.

  • http://thavarajah.dk Thavarajah Sabanathan

    No update 2.2 in Denmark either.. :(

  • Asim Malik

    I am in NYC and I have N1 US ver. but still no update. I think this news is not true.

  • dj

    "Are Droid and EVO 4G up next? Who wants to take bets on the number of months it would take and which one of the two would win?"

    Evo 4G? Ha! Good luck waiting on HTC to pull the finger out. I'm on a Desire so I feel your pain and misplaced optimism, believe me.

    My money is on July at the absolute earliest, and far more likely to happen in Autumn.

  • HossUK

    What I can't understand is if Google planned to push FroYo out today why they gave out a HTC Evo 4 at GoogleIO

  • dean

    Nothing yet T-Mobile N1 Virginia Beach

  • Narwhally

    Hi AP. Like to see you guys are vetting sources for claims such as the June Droid date, but I read the WSJ article that indicated it would be arriving for the Droid in June. WSJ didn't cite a source, but I tend to trust the WSJ.

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      Do you have a link to the WSJ article?

  • Griff

    Still nothing for N1 Alberta, Canada

  • http://twitter.com/aaronhutchinson Aaron

    Could people please read the engadget article.. It says that it's just press-issued Nexus Ones that are getting the update.
    Not retail ones.

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      This was just updated recently [within the last hour or so]. I've already updated the post to reflect this.

      • http://twitter.com/aaronhutchinson Aaron

        I wasn't moaning at you, I was moaning at the people who keep commenting saying they haven't received the update yet.
        Regular users probably won't get an update for another while :(

        • Chris Dehghanpoor

          Yeah, TechCrunch kind of opened the floodgates. Hopefully a willing member of the press will get around to dump their phone.

  • Griff

    Aren't we allowed to be excited about the update even if we are not going to be getting it right away, so stop raining on our happy day!

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      Haha, trust me, I'm just excited as you! I'd just be more excited if I had Froyo on my phone ;)

  • Castertroy

    No update here as well . N1 user from Kuwait

  • morpheux

    N1 user from Singapore. No update too. The anticipation is indescribable. Will grab once the link is posted. Didn't have the patience to wait for OTA (even for the last firmware upgrade).

  • http://www.uvrx.com/ James

    For those that want it directly from Google...

    (NON Rooted phones only)

  • Big Joe

    Just followed the steps to flash. Using non rooted N1 on the 2.1 update software. installed flawlessly. now have all 2.2 features including flash support and wifi hotspot tethering. runs much faster as well. Thanks for the info on how to do this!! sorry, used this link that was above on this page.. http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/05/22/breaking-nexus-one-users-download-your-froyo-here/

  • http://www.kleptomac.com Jai

    I got my N1 from US and using it in India. Will I get an OTA update?

  • Bennet

    Activated n1 in the US - Seattle, but now in India - and unfortunately, no updates yet.

  • Abdulla

    In india no update

  • blythkid65

    still nothing for the n1 here in ohio

  • Anthony C.

    Has anyone received it yet???

  • candra

    Same indonesia still don't get update can't wait

  • sudhi

    i got my phone updated to Froyo yesterday at around 8 PM. it said the update is 45MB and my phone will be restarted. update took around 3-4 minutes and i have FROYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... browser is really fast and camera interface is just amazing... and tethering works too...

  • Roberto

    Hi from Italy!
    No update. 16/06/10

  • candra

    hi from indonesia


    • Marco

      I also live in Jakarta, Indonesia. No update over the air yet... I want Froyo so bad...

      (I guess Sour Sally will do for now, right Canra? haha)

  • bando

    Still nothing here either!!! this news isn't solid at all. I'm from Egypt!

  • Roberto

    hi from Italy