Want To Relive The Moment? Now You Can – The Android Keynote Is Now Online

Where were you at 8:30AM PDT this morning? Working? Pfft. Work is for losers. You should have been on Youtube watching the live stream of today’s Android keynote. You know, the one where Froyo was officially announced?

Well, if you were one of the unfortunate souls stuck at work with blocked Youtube access, or a nosy boss, or maybe you’d just like to watch the heavy handed Apple bashing and awe inspiring features announced all over again, you’re in luck.

Google has put up the keynote in its entirety for your streaming pleasure. I’ll embed the videos below, or you can catch the playlist on Youtube here.


Source: GoogleDevelopers Youtube

Chris Dehghanpoor
Chris is an Android devotee based out of Houston, TX. He enjoys indie rock, general geekery and long walks on the beach. If you can't find him online, he's probably playing Plants VS Zombies.
  • Joe

    This keynote would have been something special if they had actually released 2.2; otherwise it was simply an overhyped PR event that announced something that the entire planet already knew about. Way to go, Google, absolutely earth shattering event.

    • Chris Dehghanpoor

      Sure we don't have anything to play with just yet, but some of those features are real nice. I'm pretty excited!