HTC Wildfire Official Site Is Now Live

Oh how much I love HTC's website. It is clean, simple, and very well laid out - other mobile companies should learn from them. HTC is not a small company by far but manage to present all the information we need in a way that no other manufacturer site I've seen (<3 HTC).

Remember the HTC Wildfire revelation to the public yesterday? To keep the momentum going, this morning HTC launched their official HTC Wildfire site, full of specs, photos, and highlights. If you are interested in this phone at all, or if you want to see how different it is from your current device (which it is), you should definitely check it out.

HTC Wildfire Official Site Is Now Live

HTC Wildfire Official Site Is Now Live

HTC Wildfire Official Site Is Now Live

Here are the most interesting of the specs (check out FM radio, app sharing, and full Flash support):


HTC Wildfire Official Site Is Now Live
Weight: 118 grams (4.16 ounces) with battery

CPU Processing Speed

528 MHz

Power & Battery

Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Capacity: 1300 mAh

Talk time:

  • WCDMA: Up to 440 mins
  • GSM: Up to 490 mins

Standby time:

  • WCDMA: Up to 690 hours
  • GSM: Up to 480 hours


  • 5 megapixel color camera
  • Auto focus and flash
  • Geotagging

Special Features

  • HTC Caller ID that shows the caller’s Facebook status and a birthday reminder
  • App Sharing that lets you recommend apps straight from your phone
  • Full Flash support on the web browser
  • In-built, dimmable flashlight
  • Ringer that automatically lowers the ring volume when you lift up the phone or mutes when you flip the phone face down


Type: Capacitive touch screen with pinch-to-zoom capability
Size: 3.2 inches
Resolution: 240 x 320 QVGA


Android™ 2.1 (Éclair) with HTC Sense™


ROM: 512 MB
384 MB
Expansion slot:

  • microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
  • Supports up to 32 GB


  • FM Radio

Source: HTC

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  • Steve

    Wildfire is a terrible phone, bad battery life, HTC sync software does not work, awful camera for a 5mp, no remote on the headphones, really stay away from this phone it is very, very poor.

    • Den

      My friend i think that you have purchased some other kind of phone probably a china made phone with htc tag on it. Because wildfire is recognized as one of the successful model by htc. And i am using this phone myself and i have not seen any of the problem that you have mention in your comment. So better if you can do some research of that shop from where you have made a purchase of your phone.

    • Security_91

      i agree with den
      it is the best phone, i have had any issues with it since i bought it.

  • Spidey

    I found it very user friendly for a low budget phone...maybe other people expect to much for this phone...but i want them to know that it depends on how the way you need it or depends on your lifestyle or maybe it depends on the price of the phone.

  • Den

    I purchased htc wildfire couple of weeks ago and i found that this phone as one of the best phone in market.The only thing that i don't like in this phone is its display resolution. Excluding that everything is awesome. Secondly as far as its price is concerned, this is very reasonable. So overall if you are looking to purchase a low budget android phone than this one is the best one for you................:)

  • bob

    I got a wildfire on three and am well impressed so far only problem I find is trying to download the sync programme it wont run for some reason anyone else have this experience?

    • Security_91

      you need to make sure you enable debugging befor you connect to pc.
      go through settings > applications > development > the enable debugging

  • http://gmail.com Ganesh

    I am trying to find no of application it contain. Can anybody tell me in this.

  • janice

    I bought this mobile 6 days ago and despite the so bargain price its an extreemely good, user friendly mobile. I dont regret buying it. The only problem i have is that sometimes for example when im writing a msg it gets stuck and it may be slow during certain tasks but on the whole ... He's my baby ;)

  • john

    Can any one tell me from where except android market i can download applications for my htc wildfire

  • OMc

    Besides poor camera in dim lit environment, low display resolution and lack of Equalizer in the Music player I find this fatbaby gr8 considering the price. Jst updated to FroYo yesterday so am expecting better performance as well.
    One thing I hate is the dimension, it too fat and short- LOL

  • Tomislav

    answer for john: I have HTC Wildfire and I will reccomand mobile9 there are some good apps there.. :)

  • Amit

    It is best android mobile phone, i like display res., camera

  • ty

    I have a HTC wildfire and its a great phone 100% reliable

  • Sreekanth

    Hi this is sreekanth, two days ago i purchased new HTC wildfire handset. Battery backup is very bad( less than a day), when the phone is in idle. can anyone tel me what is problem.

  • samy

    hey tell me were can i download mobile tracker to htc wildfire ....

  • samy

    hey tell me were can i download mobile tracker to htc wildfire ….

  • Alan Parrott

    been a nokia man all the way til i got this phone last weekend and after playing with it for a couple of hours i dont think i'll ever go back to a nokia this phone has it all and more,easy to use and dont know why people have had problems with the sync software as mine went straight on and sync'd to my pc in seconds and as im on the 3 network and have the all for 1 deal so i get all you can eat data so i've even connected to my pc as a modem that was easy to do, where my nokia had taken me hrs to get it to work, so if your after a new phone look no further cause you have found it.

  • Ganesh

    Hi. Can anybody tell me how to see vedios in friends streem. I am unable to find latest vedio updates in my phone after refreshing it couple of times.

  • RainMan

    Hi, I've been using this phone for last few days and have only one issue. The battery back-up is insanely poor. Gets down within a day with minimal usage.

    Second, the volume of the phone is realy low. I mean even with full volume setting the ring tone is very soft. Is there something I am not doing to increase the volume. I am a first time android user and new to such phones. Can anyone help?

  • Kolynn

    Hi...I bought WifireS yesterday.
    Can u advice me what application softwares are good to install???

  • jayne

    Hi I have a wildfire but am having problems recieving and sending picture messages, i have spoken to vodafone and gone through some configuaration steps with them but its still not working?? can anybody help plse!! it just says generic network error

  • http://htc amir

    I dont knom what this mark(htc) it is?could someone tell me?
    i want to purchase one of HTCs mobiles named htc smart. is it good?

  • http://www.foreclosurewebsitescomparisons.com John Aadam

    Yes , i too love htc wildfire.Its good to hang out and has a better image quality. One of the great mobile from HTC

  • Dinesh

    To b frank wild fire has all features but it could had some more of speed and internal storage memory capacity and ram should ve been increased.. but now my WildFire is getting slow day by day and no storage capacity also...

  • http://htcwildfireapps.blogspot.com/ HTC Wildfire Apps

    I have had the wilfire for a year now and its holding up well, obviously not the best phone but for the price what more do you want !!

  • diwana

    these phone dose not supports many of the games....can someone the me the best website for downloading games

  • jan

    im having a prob with the battery notification led..its not actually turning into green led,its always red & the battery icon..its not yet full even though i already charged it for 4-5hrs.also,wen i downloaded application and/or games from market,after a while,it is already missing,as well as with my music,after transferring it from my PC going to SD,after 1 week or two,music is no longer found..why is it like this happening on my phone,before its not like this..im worried..please help me..thanks!

  • faisal

    its Camera is not clear

  • prachi

    lost htc wildfire,,,,,,how do i get it back