Contest: Win A Starcraft 2 Beta Key For Designing AndroidPolice.com's Twitter Page - Calling All Designers
Last Updated: August 12th, 2010

The Contest

The second official Android Police contest is here!

We have grown fast in the 7 weeks of existence, and it's time for our twitter page, @AndroidPolice, to have a decent design.

Update: And the winner is: eugene from http://xedner.deviantart.com/ who sent in not one by two awesome designs, one of which we are now using.

Here they are: Flashing police lights and Inspired by yellow police tapes.

Congratulations, eugene, and have fun with the beta!

What We Have

We have an unused Starcraft 2 Beta key (we've had quite a turnout at the last giveaway 2 weeks ago), which will let you download the most anticipated game of this year and play it on Battle.net.

What You Have

You have graphic design skills and you love Android. Or just love StarCraft, but still have design skills.

Either way, if you can help us create the best twitter page in the business, you can have the SC 2 Beta key. Hell, we'll even throw in a dofollow backlink to your site and a full "Designed by" credit in the design itself.

To get the beta key for free, you can participate in this contest or just preorder Starcraft on Amazon.

Contest: Win A Starcraft 2 Beta Key For Designing AndroidPolice.com's Twitter Page - Calling All Designers

How To Win

The rules are simple.

We will give out 1x Starcraft 2 beta key.

In order to win it, complete all of these steps:

1. Follow @AndroidPolice on twitter (of course, you can also subscribe to the RSS in addition).

2. Retweet the following message:

Follow @AndroidPolice for your #Android news and go to http://bit.ly/ao6PLw to win a #Starcraft2 Beta Key.

3. Create the design yourself or have your friend do it, and send us the PSD.

  • Send all designs to oh.no.its.the@androidpolice.com.
  • The best submission will have an attractive and original design, with your own Android interpretation.
  • Major bonus points given for an illustration style design and even more points if it is lightly police themed.
  • You can reuse, modify, and go freestyle crazy with our current logo - there are no restrictions but don't feel obligated to use it.
  • In your design, include the title of the site (Android Police), the url (AndroidPolice.com), a sample description (a few random sentences), and sample contact details (twitter, email, IM) - something we could easily modify.
  • Make sure the elements are not covered up by the twitter stream. This usually having a visually separate area on the left side which is guaranteed to be visible no matter what the user's screen resolution is.

4. Leave a comment here with your twitter name in the url field, the email used in step 3 in email field, and any comments related to your design or the process of creating it, as well as a public preview link for everyone to see, if you have one.

The contest ends in 1 week, on Saturday, May 22st, at 11:59PM PST. The winner will be chosen shortly after by the Android Police team, posted on the site, and notified via email/twitter.

We reserve the right to end the contest early if one of the submitted designs blows us away.


Feel free to have a look at these Best Twitter Layouts pages for some inspiration:

SC2 Resources

Here are some useful Starcraft 2 links in order to get your started:

Are you excited?! I've been playing SC 2 Beta for a few weeks, and it's a massive amount of fun, for both diehard Starcraft fans and new players.

Let the contest begin, and most importantly - have fun, guys (glhf)!

Contest: Win A Starcraft 2 Beta Key For Designing AndroidPolice.com's Twitter Page - Calling All Designers Contest: Win A Starcraft 2 Beta Key For Designing AndroidPolice.com's Twitter Page - Calling All Designers

Contest: Win A Starcraft 2 Beta Key For Designing AndroidPolice.com's Twitter Page - Calling All Designers Contest: Win A Starcraft 2 Beta Key For Designing AndroidPolice.com's Twitter Page - Calling All Designers

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • http://NicholasSidwell Nicholas

    This is my entry for the contest, I hope you all enjoy it:


    I started out with re-making the menu button and drawer, and then added a realistic element with the broken wall in the background. The handcuffs and purplish red and blue lights are for the police theme, with the wall reminiscent of an alley or something. I don't know.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Nicholas, thank you for your entry. I've sent you an email with some comments, which I will post here as well, so that others can see them and apply them to their designs.

      The important part is that the best parts should be visible with the twitter stream present, which means they probably need to go on the left.

      Here’s a quick example of a random profile using this technique: http://twitter.com/unmarketing, though I don’t like it too much – it’s just a sample.

      Your design is quite good for a first try – I’ve updated our page with it to see how it would look http://twitter.com/AndroidPolice!

      Here are a few comments:
      • It is a bit too vibrant – to the point where if you look at it for 5 seconds, your color perception will change
      • The words Android Police, for example, are not visible if your screen res is below 1920x1080 – it starts getting covered up by the stream. This is why, as I mentioned, text data should be on the left side.
      • I think the concept of a semi-opened launcher is great! I think it’d be perfect if you made it a bit wider, so that text we discussed above can fit in the uniform colored background. Also perhaps the background can be a bit brighter than pitch black?

  • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

    Ken, judging from your original question that you later edited to "." (?), you wanted to know if you could use the .xcf (gimp) format.

    The answer is - sure, go nuts!

  • http://NicholasSidwell Nicholas

    Here is a preview of the updated version: http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/8463/androidpolicethemeprevi.png For whatever reason, the contrast has been upped slightly. You can view my twitter for the way the colors should look.

  • http://NicholasSidwell Nicholas
  • http://xedner.deviantart.com eugene

    To show how desperate i am for a beta key, i made 2 designs. So here are my entries.. I would love to get feedbacks. hope you like them:

    // Inspired by yellow police tapes:

    // Flashing police lights:

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Thank you for your entries, Eugene - these are excellent! I love the 2nd one, but the 1st one is really good too.

      I'm even thinking of writing a script that would rotate multiple backgrounds on a regular basis automatically - there are so many good designs.

      Good luck to you.