If you've been thinking of getting the newest addition to the Sprint family on June 4th, the HTC EVO 4G, you're probably aware of the new $10 charge that Sprint will be requiring of you.

However, the situation isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. In fact, you may be getting much more than you thought you were paying for.

Under the heading of "Worry-Free Pricing" in their press release, they say it plain and simple:

In order to provide the best experience, HTC EVO 4G will use Sprint's industry-leading Everything Data or Business Advantage Messaging and Data plans that include unlimited Web, texting and calling on the Sprint Network to every mobile in America with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM.

So far, so good. But then the dollar signs start to rear their ugly heads, and that's where everyone started to get a little upset, especially considering Dan Hesse, the CEO of Sprint, himself implied otherwise back in March.

Everything Data plans start at $69.99 per month. A $10 per month Premium Data add-on will apply allowing customers to take advantage of a richer data experience than ever before.

As we wrote earlier this week, Sprint has tacked on an extra $10 just to use the EVO 4G, whether or not you have 4G in you area. But put down your pitchforks!

What they didn't say (at least not clearly enough), is what the definition of richer is. That is, this extra 10 bucks doesn't just get you data on your EVO 4G: it gets you unlimited data. Richer means unlimited.

And here's the kicker: Sprint has confirmed that both 3G and 4G data plans will be unlimited with the added $10, not just 4G. That means, in all capital letters, NO MORE CAPS. Download to your heart's content.

We've been waiting for official confirmation which finally arrived a few minutes ago in a tweet from a Sprint representative, clearing everything up:

Those Extra 10 Bucks/Month For HTC EVO 4G Don't Just Get You All-You-Can-Eat 4G But 3G Too

If you only get 3G in your area, but you're using the EVO 4G, you still have to pay the extra $10, but it goes a long way...a really long way.

So, instead of throwing a fit, thank Sprint that you can finally download, as they say, "worry free." while still having a plan that is cheaper than any comparable plan any other carrier can offer.

Not too bad after all, now, is it?

Source: Sprint Press Release

  • boriqua2000

    dan hesse didn't implie crap,he straight out said 4G would be free and as far as you guys at android police trying to make it sound like sprint is doing us a favor,their $69.99 plan already includes unlimited data.that extra $10 is just to satisfy sprints greed.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Greed? Sprint is still providing great service while being very much in the red financially.

      Check out their financials - they're bleeding money: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/cf?s=S+Cash+Flow&annual

      Can't blame a company for charging a little bit more for giving more while trying to climb out of a hole.

      • boriqua2000

        so you don't mine giving up your money to a billion dollar company for something that they said was going to be free? i guess thats why these companies keep raising the prices on everything.

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Again, I don't think it's greed - it's trying to figure out how to make ends meet and not explode as a company.

          However, I am upset about Dan Hesse saying it would be no extra charge back in March - it was an overoptimistic promise. I am not going to skip out on the experience of EVO though, as my Hero is too slow for me to handle for another half a year. If $10 takes away my frustration, I will go with that.

          I can see why you, and many others, are upset but I don't think it's the end of the world or the first time something like this happens.

        • boriqua2000

          that's what has me and a bunch of other people upset.he said that it would be free back in march and now it seems that he saw how hyped we all were for the phone and decided to add that $10 a month charge.he figured that everyone would be so blinded by the EVO4Gs greatness that nobody would mind paying more a month even if they don't have 4G where they live.not cool

    • cmaelker

      Agreed... there is nothing on the Sprint site that expresses any limitation on data. The plans cleary state "unlimited" with no asterisk or any notation. I'd love to get some further clarity around what "richer" truly means.

      I'm not a Sprint customer yet, but want to dive into an Evo... the $10/month charge definitely sours the deal a bit, but.... if it truly makes sense to pay it, I'd do it. Show me better proof Sprint...

    • ITS ME

      I agree, i have the 69.99 and i have unlimited data... so why the $10.00. They just found an excuse to charge us more. Its bizarre and people are buying into their crap!!

  • Stefan

    Not so! T-Mobile has "Everything plan" for $50 that includes unlimated voice (mobile and landline), unlimited data and text SO no it's not best deal out there.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Citation needed - I don't see an unlimited plan (Sprint's plan includes unlimited calling to ANY cell phone in the country, not just Sprint's) on T-Mobile that is close to Sprint's.

    • John R

      T-Mobile's Unlimited Talk + Text + Web plan is $79.99, not $50. http://bit.ly/9smFN9

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Yup, thanks John, and that doesn't include AnyMobile or 4G, or truly unlimited 3G.

      • ITS ME

        Well John if you have the 69.99 plan plus the $10 thats add up to 79.99 plus tax. so sprint is not doing anybody a favor their screwing us.

  • Joshua s

    This is a money grab plain and simple. Sprints deciding to capitalize on the hype and it seems like a lot of people are willing to blindly jump on the bandwagon. They did the same thing with the palm pre. It's almost like they don't know how to handle people actually wanting to jump ship to them (vs leaving them by the millions). Every time they have a bunch of hype and publicity they do something stupid. With the pre it was the required everything plan even though a lot of their customers already had (the required) data in their current plans. Again, here is the next hottest thing in the mobile space (just like the pre was) and they're going to attempt to milk it for everything it's worth. They just got me to raise my plan last year so I could have one of their "cool" phones and now they're asking me to raise my plan again?

    • Titan

      And they should. As a business owner you take advantage when you can. Sprint's bleeding and this is a critical time for them. So they take advantage of the hype of the first 4G phone as they are expanding their WiMax network (possibly switching to LTE in the future). Siphon customers away from competitors, add a small monthly fee, make a lot of money, show a strong quarter, which in turn raises your stock price. You've returned to major player status, which draws investors, upping your stock price more. Expand 4G (or LTE) faster and truly rival ISPs. There is a lot riding on this.

      This phone will be a success. Even if the initial sales slump, if the phone delivers on its hype, word will spread.

      • Joshua s

        While I understand your point about a business making as much money as they can. . . . This plan has failed twice for them now, first with the instinct, and 2nd with the palm pre. Trying to get people to pay extra for things they already have in their plans comes off as shady and nothing but an attempt to screw your customers over. Will the 3rd time be the charm for sprint? I guess time will tell.

      • boriqua2000

        you have to draw the customers in first.you don't do that by saying your not going to raise your prices then going back on your word.you lose your customers trust.

    • Nathan Reitz

      I'm in the same boat, and am furious. I have been a Sprint customer for TWELVE YEARS!!! I have always stood by Sprint, and have referred many, many people to Sprint. When the Pre came out I was on a Fair and Flexible plan with two phones, unlimited text, and the data add-on pack. My bill; $70. When I went in to get my Pre, I was told my data plan wasn't good enough. I would have to upgrade my plan to get "unlimited data" because the Pre would use more data. I have been following the Evo since it first surfaced as the Supersonic, and have been drooling, waiting for the day that I could make it mine. Then, I get the email that it will be released soon. I was as giddy as a school girl. After reading the fine print at the bottom of the Sprint-originated email, my excitement turned to pure outrage. I went from a $70/moth plan to a $120/month plan because my data plan wasn't good enough. Now they want to play that same crap again? For the first time since I have been with Sprint, I am considering jumping ship. I'm in complete disbelief that Sprint is pulling this crap again. You know the saying - fool me once shame on you. fool me twice... I don't think so Sprint. OK, so that's not exactly how the saying goes, but I think you get the picture.

      • Joshua s

        I sound just like you, I had been following this phone since it was first announced. I got even more excited after we were told there would be no extra charges. Can sprint really expect us to keep raising our plan every time they have a hot new phone coming out? This was one of my big issues originally, sprint is starting a very dangerous trend that every time a new phone is released you'll need to upgrade your plan in some form to be able to get the new generation of phones. They've gotten away with it so far because in reality their prices are very reasonable compared to the competition. At someone though, we as consumers, need to put a stop to this or they'll keep doing it.

        After the pre was announced, and they told me I'd have to double my plan to be able to get the phone, I was pretty upset. Out of principal I was going to finish out my contract and jump ship. I knew it would cost me more but it was a or price I was willing to pay. . . . Or so I thought. After shopping around I realized I really couldn't afford to go to many other places so I bit the bullet and signed on for another 2 years. This seems like a pretty big slap in the face at this point in time. My current plan isn't really that much cheaper then the competition and $10 extra here and there and before i know it I'm right in line with Verizon and AT&T. I guess this was sprints plan all the time. . . . .

  • http://www.anasqtiesh.com Anas Qtiesh

    I was thinking that Sprint botched the release of the device with that added $10 charge. Ok, now I'm back to wanting the device, especially that I know it's possible to turn Sense off on it and use the vanilla android UI.


  • Starfleet Captain

    I don't understand why people are all up in arms over a measly $10 extra per month. Ok, I know you guys aren't rich. Neither am I. But, this is America. How in God's name do you expect a major corporation NOT charge extra for a better and more "premium" experience? Think about it: Every other Internet Service Provide charge more money for each tier higher in bandwidth speed you chose to have. We are talking about a major jump in Bandwidth for mobile devices. I understand Hesse said it would be free. But they crunched some numbers and found that they have to up charge for the service. I, for one, am not surprised. I anticipated this. Sprint has made a major investment in WiMax. They need to see some type of return on their investment.

    • boriqua2000

      what if they crunch the numbers again and decide that you should pay another $10 for the GPS whether you want it or not? and maybe another measly $5 for sprint TV,again whether you use it or not? ESPN Mobile? how about $5 more for that? doesn't matter if you like sports,sprint needs money.it's probably still cheaper than some of the other carriers for the same service.will you still be ok with that?

    • Joshua s

      I think the biggest thing a lot of people are really upset about is you don't have a choice. Do you live in an area without 4g? To bad, you Still get to pay the 4g tax. Plus again, I have a plan with data in it (I just upgraded my plan a few months ago to one of their more expensive everything plans) and here is sprint telling me again that even though my plan has everything in it that I need to run this phone they still need another $10 from me. Not to mention that their CEO just said a few months ago that there wouldn't be any extra charge.

  • Titan

    I understand what you mean about drawing customers in first, but in practice, it's an impractical approach. If you were to purchase the phone with the standard $69 plan and a few months down the road Sprint then decides to implement a $10/mo fee, that would go over worse than this. They've played it smart (sort of); they've created months of hype over the phone and people have had time to do the math comparing price plans of Sprint to other carriers. The differences are significant enough that they can get away with $10 extra a month and still look like attractive carrier for new customers as well as renewing customers.

    However, I think they have completely botched the way they've handled this from a PR standpoint. For God's sake, it took a blog post to clarify (which failed) Sprint's purpose behind the fee. From the CEO going on record about 4G being free to the lack of communication and bad wording in the press release on what this $10 was really for, they've set themselves up for the bad press and disappointment with customers, current and potential.

    • boriqua2000

      big part of the months of hype that they built was that everyone thought the 4G was free.that's what sprints said.now alot of people are disapointed.you dont hear alot of complaints about the hotspot charge(which is a lot more than 4G)because sprint said from the beginning that there will be a charge for it.people hate broken promises.

      • Joshua s

        Boriqua2000 you hit the nail on the head. I've heard no one complain about the hotspot charge. But the $10, which is really insignificant to most of us, is really causing quite the stir. Even though i've been a big fan of sprints and their plans, they really do some stupid things sometimes to remind me why they are losing so many customers. The thing that kills me the most is people are willing to pay a lot more a month just to get away from Sprint.

      • ajinnola

        you can use the hotspot feature for free if you root your phone and download easytether from the market. hell, you dont even have to root it for that matter.

  • jkr1977

    I can understand some of the frustration. HOWEVER it sounds like some of you are expecting too much for "free". The same 4G-like speeds through your cable company is 40 bucks. I pay 56 a month for TWC "Turbo". That ten dollar charge is peanuts compared to that. With the 10 + 29 (hotspot charge) = 39, ill be saving 17.00 a month once i turn off TWC.
    I pre-ordered my EVO last week and I live in a 4G area so it doesnt matter to me. I'd be a little upset if i lived in non 4g area but it would not be a dealbreaker.
    If you disagree so much dont buy it. speak with you wallet.

  • Jim

    I am happy!! I was going to spend $60.00 on a data card with a 5gig cap and a 2yr contract! Now I am only paying $10.00 and get unlimited! No Brainer!

  • gordo

    Wow...this thread is ridiculous. Are you people really going to get angry about an additional 10$ charge a month for the EVO 4G.

    40$ voice + 30$ data + 20$ unltd txt = 90$ /month

    40$ voice + 25$ data + 20$ ultd text = 85/month

    70$ everything + 10$ eve fee = 80$

    SPRINT IS STILL THE CHEAPEST SERVICE AROUND. I like how the guy up top was talking about 'jumping ship' because of high rates. the only ship you're going to be jumping to is a more expensive one pal.

    im not even a sprint customer

    • Dan

      While the pricing my net a lower cost than when compared to ATT or Verizon, this ridiculous fee is still unacceptable to me. The issue is not entirely about that comparison, but about what the charges are for. Hiding $10 as some fee for the hardware or this ambiguous "premium data" is not right. If however, the fee was applied when/if I exceeded a limit, then fine. Not the case though and all the "sheep" who sign up for it only invite the other carriers to act similarly in the future. Of course, I will not get this phone and I will vote with my $. More should do the same to pressure the carrier to be more reasonable. BTW, last I checked, I have been downloading without limit on my 3G phone without a "CAP" as mentioned above. That is what "unlimited" data is.

  • http://siffy.com fk

    sprint is full of shit

  • Chase

    Do the math. It costs 2000 dollars over 2 years. cheapest plan 70 dollars/month phone 200 dollars 10 fee/month=1960 dollars!!!

  • ajinnola

    Anyone supporting Sprint's 10 surcharge in this post is retarded. You should all go join the obama admin because with that lack of intelligence you'd fit right it. The fact is ANYONE with the UNLIMITED data plan on ANY phone, gets exactly that: UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD (data). For sprint to increase that by ten dollars simply to USE a phone you already own is just plain greed. If they are in financial dire straights, is it up to US to bail them out?? NO!!! Poor management got them into the mess they're in and why should we help them out?? Anyone in support of this are morons.. This post is as late as it is(compared to the others)because of the current class action lawsuit against sprint right now for these very charges.

  • will

    I was waiting on the my contract to be up to get EVO....found out about the charge and decided not to. Gonna stay with my blackberry for now. However, I checked with verizon and to get the same plan with them that we have with sprint now (1400 min , unlimited everything else) it will cost me $40 more than sprint and verizon does not have free gps, tv or unlimited moblie to moblie to any carrier like sprint does......it is cheaper!!