Samsung Moment Android 2.1 Update Now Really Officially Released By Sprint

Yesterday we reported on the Samsung Moment 2.1 update arriving early due to a Sprint's goof - the update page showed no sign of the update but the file you would download was that one and only long awaited Android 2.1.

We later saw reports that the update was pulled, though could not find any evidence of that, as the .exe file seemed to remain at 100MB+, which was the same as the 2.1 file.

Well, now it doesn't matter as today, Sprint officially released the update and updated the Samsung Moment software page with this information:

Software update for the Samsung Moment

Enhance the features and capabilities of your Samsung Moment with this software update, including 2.1 Android update.

This update includes:

  • 2.1 Android update (Éclair).
  • Keypad backlight optimization.
  • Bulk Bluetooth contact push.
  • Various Bluetooth fixes.
  • Increased speed and performance.
  • Swipe to Unlock/Mute/Speakerphone.
  • New camera features
  • Pandora enhancements

Please follow these steps below to ensure your device is updated correctly:

1. Uninstall the existing Samsung USB drivers on your computer if they are version 4.40 or earlier. Follow these instructions to uninstall the proper files.

2. Once you've restarted your computer from the driver uninstall, follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure a successful update.

Technical Specifications:
Dated: 5/14/2010
Software Version: S:M900.8.OS.DE03
PC Requirements: Windows 2000-SP4, Windows XP-SP2, Windows Vista, or Windows 7

USB Driver Removal Instructions (310KB)

Update Instructions (2MB)

Download (101MB)

Remember a few important things:

  • It is not OTA (over-the-air) and can be installed from a Windows computer only (it's an .exe file). From what we've heard, it is simply too big to be downloaded OTA and would strain the network too much.
  • It will wipe everything on your current phone, so back everything up before applying it.
  • The update procedure itself takes about 2 minutes.

Note for rooted users: If you have rooted your device, whether 1.x or 2.1, the update should install without a hitch, which is not surprising, especially considering that it does a complete wipe. Thanks, Preston, for the note on this one.

A few upset users in our previous post are reporting that there are no live wallpapers, no pinch-and-zoom (multitouch), and only 3 screens.

We have no Moment phones, so please post your own experience in the comments to share it with other readers.

Thanks for the tip, Preston.

Artem Russakovskii
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  • Preston

    Thanks for the shout - out, i feel special. No live wallpapers correct but you can get a work around from SDX forums, still 3 screen but i never use them anyways, and double tap on the screen to zoom! Hope this helps!! Enjoy, too bad it's be another year b4 we get 2.2...lol, j/k...or am i?

  • chibucks

    Like preston said, live wallpaper works, sdx has a workaround. Helix or n1 launcher will give you more screens.

    Need source for trying to tweak wireless tether and multitouch.

  • jptraveler76

    I like the new "free enhancements" consider the glitches I had with 1.5; No pinch, yes double click to zoom, faster and smoother operations, dialer screen improvements, and look forward to figuring out some of these works arounds...happy for the "moment"! Sorry fo' the cliche but you had it comin'. Peace.

  • andrew

    Very pleased so far. Runs faster.battery seems to last longer. Backlit keyboard fix is a definite plus. Installation was easy. Wait was too long but I.m glad it finally happened. Other phones may not be so lucky.

  • Dr_Watson

    So far I'm liking the improvements. The UI improvements are nice and its generally quicker and better looking. However I was rather p'd off to see no multitouch and sprint loaded it with a few more 500K lame apps+widgets that I can't delete.
    I'll call it a big improvement if it stops the CDMA radio from locking into random airplane mode.