Leaked Sprint HTC Hero Android 2.1 Update Surfaces, Sprint Reportedly Confirms It's Real But Not Yet Released Officially

Wow, did this day finally come? After months and months of waiting, and after seeing Samsung Moment get its update today, we have gotten word from AndroidCentral that there is a leak of the official Android 2.1 update for the Sprint HTC Hero available to download.

Judging from initial reports, this is the real deal.

allanon80 from AndroidCentral even posted this:

Ok guys just got off the phone with Sprint. THis is the official release they have just not put it up on Sprint yet. Sprint got the release just at about the same time as the leak. The Advance Tech support actually sent me to this site for the release since it is not at Sprint yet. Those that were wondering if this is the release it is...Sprint it seems is just slower than the rest of the country.

Download The Update

If you are sick of waiting and want to try it right now, you can download the 121MB update from right here and install it using a Windows computer.

The download is signed and bears the name RUU_Hero_C_Sprint_2.27.651.5_R_signed_release.exe.

Note for rooted users: remember, this will remove the root, at least until someone figures it out for this 2.1 release.

Has it worked for you? What is there and what is missing? How close is this release to the 2.1 ROM that I've had on my Hero for the last month and reviewed extensively here?

Share your experience in the comments and help out your fellow Hero users.


Artem Russakovskii
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  • Anthony

    Has anyone tried it?

    • Khmalah

      Yeah I got it already. I have to say that I am loving it. Really improves the phone in all aspects. They even added extra camera and video features, You now have zoom, and can even record videos with effects like negative, solarized, sepia, etc. You have to get it. Its completely legit.

    • Jared

      awesome. promise

  • corey

    Do u download to a computer, or directly to my hero?

  • aaron

    just did mine! and i gotta say im likin what i see so far...download to computer, then open file, it will guide you thru entire process...make sure sd card is inserted after update is complete....10 min thats it!

  • derrick

    i downloaded file thats fine followed steps hit next, next let it do its thing then pops up error exit now. help!!!?

    • Donald

      same exit problem. Driving me insane.

  • aaron

    make sure you have enough battery lufe...atleast 30%

  • Rich Shoaf

    I have to say this was an easy process. I was hesitant at first but after reading the various posts on the web...I went for the plunge and glad I did. I used Astro to backup my Apps prior to the install and re-engaged them after the update. You just have to redo all your "windows". I even read this was the actual update, Sprint's just slow getting it on their servers.

  • derrick

    ok im checking battery now . do i need to put it in ROM mode or anthing before connecting to pc or anything

  • aaron

    no just have the phone on

  • Milad

    If it's a official one why is it on 4shared.com?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It's a suspected official release, signed by Sprint. Imagine Sprint packages everything up nicely and gets ready to release, and then someone takes it and leaks it online. This is most likely what happened but we're still awaiting confirmation. It could always be an almost final version, but surely the latest one available now.

      It was already confirmed by a custom ROM developer that it's legit. See FreshRom 2.1.1. And this release is rooted!

  • aaron

    skeptics should see for them selves, this is amazing, like having a new phone! im psyched!

  • http://davelane.name Dave Lane

    Anybody get this to work from Linux? I don't do (or have) Windows...

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It's an exe file for Windows. You could try to install Windows in a VMWare - that should work. Alternatively, you could try to run it through wine but chances are that won't work.

  • Milad

    don't download this , it's not the official one , every 2.1 updates are coming with google goggles but this one is not included!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I know Goggles were announced as part of 2.1 but I don't think every single 2.1 update packages them - it's up to carriers to include it. You can also always download it from the market.

      But yeah, no official confirmation until Sprint posts about it but this update is real, for sure but there is a certain chance that this is not the final FINAL version but something very close.

  • tim

    hey if you use this leaked version now, but sprint announces that their official version is out, can you still get their official version????? even though you have this leaked version?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I am not sure but my guess is yes, you will be able to, by running the .exe again. Don't quote me though - it's just a guess.

  • Matt King

    Does this work with the HTC Hero in Europe? Or just for US Sprint users?

    • Kane

      This is for CDMA only - not the GSM one in Europe.

  • Stephen

    very very excited to be upgraded.. this thing is snappy as hell.. the fact that it was in an executable exe file to me says that this release is the real deal.. no bugs to report at all so far and from what ive noticed everything is a little more polished (menus, the market, etc.).. nobody should hesitate at this point.. sprint couldve leaked on purpose to take stress off their servers once the official update goes ota, who knows

  • John

    What about htc hero users? can you install this update on it or is it only for sprint?

    • Kane

      If you mean GSM Hero, then no, don't use this update - this is CDMA only.

  • aaron

    the entire update installer has pics of the sprint hero, id guess its only for the sprint hero...first nigght having 2.1 was awesome, my alarm clock finally went off this morning!

  • aaron

    and even IF this is not the real deal from sprint, its 100x better than 1.5 and i can not find anything i dont like! :-)

  • Vincent

    Anybody try using this update with a cellular south hero? They're the exact same phone, just different carriers.

    • chad

      i did, it doesnt work. It will keep telling you there is a usb connection error. I dont know why it wont recognize the phone since they're pretty much exactly the same.

    • Candra

      I tried it to, I got a message that said that the software I am attempting to install is not suitable for my phone. Guess we'll have to wait a bit longer....

  • Watchers

    I was wondering the same thing as most of you guys but then something came to mind.

    I know of no hacked / fake Rom that can install from the computer to phone, and because of the fact that the phone is running, I bet all kinda security lock outs are turned on.

    leaking it would save Sprint some major over the air hogging. thus making it so more people can get it a week or so early as a way to do any last minute testing
    like say bob dl it today then find something wrong with it that they missed they may be able to fix it in time.

    well this is just my guess

    hero Sprint damage control 2.08.1

    • Kane

      That's an interesting idea about doing early testing this way. It makes a lot of sense, but due to how big the company is, I'd say it wasn't an intentional leak.

      If they wanted to test, they should have just announced it and gave us a clear way to communicate back.

  • badjohny

    Looks like its not the full 2.1 package of applications though. No voice option on the keyboard for entering text messages. No Album application. Still a nice upgrade over 1.5

    • Jason

      The album app is now a named photos.

  • Watchers

    "If they wanted to test, they should
    have just announced it and gave us
    a way to communicate back."

    your point is a good one to, but I think if something is /was wrong they can just say we had no knowledge of sed update, and about the company being super big that's true to but I know they know, and I'm willing to bet this to ease people mind about all of the delays that they put us thru.
    and about the delay part mite have something to do with the 'HTC EVO' and them wanting 1/2 of the hero owners to upgrade to it. its not a bad thing parsay just makes me sad that it mite be true.

    last thing has any one tried the update yet if so can you leave some details vs damage control rom.

  • RickL721

    Hey , I am new at this , but I downloaded the upgrade and it is sprints new 2.1 android, and it works fine , some apps work even faster, having a lot of fun with it , glad I backed up my data and apps with , " my back pro", made it much easier

  • http://comcast Michael

    Well, I went ahead and made the jump. I have been running the damage control rom for almost a month with no problems. figured what the heck!!
    So far so good, the install went flawlessly, even recogonized the damage control rom before asking me to continue. Did and no regrets so far. Reloaded all my apps. synced with google for contacts. Has been almost 24 hours with no problems
    Hope this helps out those who were as impatient as me

  • Don

    I'm d/l now 6 mins left will install and post the results.

  • Don

    The install took 5 mins and locked up the phone, I had to pull the battery to restart. After the phone restarted I went through the process to setup my online accounts everything is looking good initially and operating properly. The firmware version is 2.1-update 1

  • jason

    I installed this earlier today and so far I love it. Much faster and the problems I had before are gone. Ie I kept losing data connection and terrible battery life before. Make sure to back up apps and address book before I forgot to and manually entering everything is not fun. I can now say I love my hero after only having it 2 weeks bit hey got a good price and ill wait for the evo till its cheaper and the bugs are worked out .

  • umar

    is everyones live wallpaper working after upgrading

    • Ablacksparrow

      I don't think Live wallpapers were included in this update...or I was just unable to find them.

      Any one else to comment on this?

      • umar

        the directions said to go to the wallpaper section and it should list as htc wallpaper, pictures and live wallpaper

        i donwloaded some from marketplace but still dont see where you activate

        i do find them in my installed apps section though

        i was hoping it had something to do with enabling windows animations but still doesnt work

        please let me know if i am doing somethig wrong

  • painguy

    Well I did it and contrary to other posts I read The only items I lost in the upgrade were my market programs and I' happy it worked out that way as I can now only reload the programs that I used and get them built for 2.1
    All my contacts, call history, calendar, and pictures all came through no ringtones and no music....... Jump in don't wait ....do it !!!

  • Brian

    This update really is amazing compared to 1.5. I updated a few hours ago and haven't put the phone down since. Everything looks a lot nicer and it's pretty exciting. I had no problems updating, just ran the .exe file and everything was fine. I would highly suggest updating it to 2.1 using the leaked update.

    • Sam

      Have you been able to figure out the Text to Speech? If so can you please advise me how you accessed it?

  • juniorB

    i keep getting an error code 107

    something about my usb not being connected properly

    • juniorB

      Its actually and error (USB connection error)
      anyone know whats going on, please help. I'm working off a widows 7... if that matters at all.

      • Donald

        same issue on Vista

    • ken

      make sure you have htc sync (drivers)

      • juniorB

        ok, im kinda new to this and not really sure what to so, sorry. OK, so i mounted my usb and now im looking for htc sync, Is this something i have to download b/c it cannot find it. if you could help that would be great, i really want this update.

        • Matthew

          You can download and install the 2.1 leak without HTC sync installed. Although, I think you need the drivers installed. If you want to sync your phone you will need to download and install htc sync and make sure you drop down your notification bar on your phone and connect to Htc Sync.

        • juniorB

          Ok, I downloaded the htc sync and that seemed to take care of it. It just finished and my hero is now a 2.1. Thanks for all your help guys, Im glad we have a group of nice tech users. Thanks agian

  • SRJ

    Worked great for me - no problems at all. Contacts and Calendar backup restored perfectly. It was also good to reevaluate what apps I used before - found some replacements that I am now using

  • Jeff

    Seems to a relatively simple procedure and the new or updated OS is definitely better.

    So far so good, highly recommended.


  • Jeff


    How can I tell if it is rooted?


  • http://jelly-jake.livejournal.com Jake "MacSquirrely" Lee

    For the UK Readers on T Mobile I was instore today and was told that the HTC Hero|G2 Touch 2.1 Update will be with us before the end of next month, I was shown a email on the subject from their head office.

  • dima

    just downloaded this and it updates my phone to 2.27

    • Todd

      Does the leaked have both wifi tether and voice to text enabled?

      • Alan

        Wifi tether is not available in Android 2.1, that's coming in 2.2.

        It might have updated the phone radio to 2.27, but the OS is updated to Android 2.1

  • Watchers

    now that a lot of people have installed the pre release update i do wonder some things, these are my 5 top questions of the day.

    does this update removes your root access if yes how so?

    if someone updated to this one and a hack was found that cud add back root access would that same hack be able to be used in the full release?

    (this one is a really good point) is there some way to downgrade to 1.5 via the old rom, seeing that if a true hack is made for the pre release it would be nice to down then back upgrade to DCT 2.1 "2.08.2" (damage control True)

    the 2 in 2.08.(2) is not a typo seeing as it would be a new rom and not the same one lol

    would it be wise to download and save this one with out installing it for fear that sprint mite force it to be taken down or some how make it so you must update to true 2.1 update?

    is there some way to take the extra apps from the Damage control rom (ie 3D gallery) and move them to sd card and then reinstall them? or are they apart of the first leaked rom it self?

    • Alan

      1. The update removes root access because it wipes the phone before updating.

      2. Yes, a hack could add root access back.

      3. This, I'm not sure about, but someone else here might have a better idea.

      4. That's up to you, but it wouldn't hurt just to download it.

      5. I believe those apps are built into the ROM and cannot be moved onto the SD Card, you might be able to copy them though.

      • stephen

        hi, im a newbee with a quick question.i have a htc hero cdma from a different carrier[mobi pcs in hawaii].the phone looks the same it is running 1.5 .will this rom work on my generic cdma hero?would it be better to use the damage control or toast rom???would damage controll be best because it can revert back to 1.5 if need?or are these all just dumb questions and i should buy a new phone??mahalo hope you can help!!

  • Matthew

    I installed the new leak and I am very dissatisfied. I upgraded without reading that I would lose root. I hope someone figures out the rooting process soon because I really loved the Damage Control Rom. It is a shame that DC is better than actual Sprint and/or HTC. If someone finds out the new rooting process, please post.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Don't worry - keep following us and you'll be pleasantly surprised soon.

      • Matthew

        that is cool, thanks for the reply

  • http://www.tomlew.is Tom

    So this still isnt for UK people then? T-mobile here...

    • Alan

      It's for CDMA handsets only. GSM handsets should get the update before the end of next month.

  • Sam

    Ok, I just installed it and it is ok but nothing that makes me go WOW!!! I can't find text to speech. I'm not really seeing a big difference other than a few layouts.

  • Damen

    Has anyone figured out how to use Live Wallpapers or enable speech to text?

  • Thorn

    Hey guys,

    Just texted Cellular South (I do love their text support function) and asked about putting this release on the CS HTC Hero. The reply said not to, as they dont expect to release until June 2010 and it is a different carrier.

    Sound slike your at your own risk if you try it. I can wait a couple of weeks :(

  • Sam

    Can someone please tell me how to get the Text to Speech working?

  • PaRaDiZe

    does anyone know why or how i cant get the contacts to "sync" with facebook, but it stores my fb pic???? *sprint hero and verizion eris-android 2.1 update*

  • panther1968

    From what I've read from several forums, it appears that there is a very, very good possibility that the leaked 2.1 for Sprint HTC Hero may be the "real deal", but there is one thing that is OBVIOUSLY a lie. The original poster of this, Artem Russakovskii, quoted "allanon80 from AndroidCentral" as having (supposedly) said, and I quote, "The Advance Tech support actually sent me to this site for the release since it is not at Sprint yet." Now, it SHOULD be obvious to anyone with even the slightest bit of intelligence that NO support agent, no matter what the company, would send someone to a site other than their own, ESPECIALLY in regards to doing something such as downloading a leaked OS. Realistically, think about it. If you did what they supposedly suggested, you would have just invalidated whatever device it was, and that company's tech support would NOT support your device any longer. That would be like a Microsoft or Apple technician directing you to a site with a leaked final version of their OS, prior to it being launched. Again, while the leaked OS may, very well, be the actual final release, think about what is being said. The moral of this is, believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

  • Anon-E-mous

    Hey guys, I can say one thing. This is going to be pretty much the update for sprint. According to my sprint rep. No major differences, but it will run a bit smoother. He also told me the reasons that sprint was holding off the 2.1 update is because of the launch of the sprint EVO. Duh!

    SO yeah, you didnt hear this from me....

  • Joy

    I am not tech savvy. I am contemplating getting this phone. I learn the devices easy enough; I just do not speak the language well.

    If I get the Hero, will I be able to use the phone in Europe because of the 3D. Sprint says "Yes." But that I would not be able to if I purchased the 3D capable Samsung Instinct HD. Will I be able to use the Hero in Europe if I go there on vacation?