T-Mobile To Ship Garminfone In June For $199

If you've been waiting for Garmin's half-GPS/half-Android-phone (phonotaur?) Garminfone to drop, you now won't have to wait too much longer.

According to Engadget, T-Mobile is going to start shipping this highly originally named device in June for a relatively steep price of $199.

Update: T-Mobile's garminfone site is now available:


Considering that a superior EVO 4G is rumored to have the same price tag, the Garminfone deal may seem like a steal to only the most directionally challenged of us. Yes, EVO 4G will run on Sprint, but if you want to stick to T-Mobile, why not get a similarly superior Nexus One instead?

Running Android 1.6 on its 3.5" screen, powered by a 600 MHz processor, Garminfone is not going to surprise us with speed or originality. Get any recent speedy Android phone, slap a fancier GPS program if you really need it (Google Nav is quite good as it is), and you've got yourself what Garminfone is trying to be.

The public announcement of Android 2.2 Froyo, which is only about a week away, will make Garminfone whopping 3 OS upgrades behind the leaders in the pack, while the EVO 4G is rumored to already ship with Froyo on board. If you want to find out what being 3 OS upgrades behind feels like, just ask any Hero or Moment owner (and bring mace in case they start furiously attacking you for bringing up a sore subject).

To make the obsolete factor even worse, I'd like to point out that the difference here is that Garmin's device will already be this far behind by its *launch* date while the Hero was only 1 generation behind back in October 2009, when it went on sale.

If you insist on checking out the Garminfone, you may find these pictures that Engadget snapped handy:

T-Mobile To Ship Garminfone In June For $199 T-Mobile To Ship Garminfone In June For $199

T-Mobile To Ship Garminfone In June For $199 T-Mobile To Ship Garminfone In June For $199

T-Mobile To Ship Garminfone In June For $199 T-Mobile To Ship Garminfone In June For $199


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  • aussie

    all info I have seen on this say it will have 2.1..just my 2cents

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      All info you've been looking at was wrong.

      • n8

        Has 2.1 now, runs gr8. Still may yet get froyo, no concrete answer from asustek yet but they said theyd let us know...

  • Guest

    I sure would like to see 2.2 for Garminefone. I'm a diehard Garminefone fan.