HTC Droid Eris Should Be Getting The Android 2.1 OTA Update Today

It's finally here - today should be the day when Verizon starts rolling out the Android 2.1 OTA (over-the-air) update that we reported on a few days ago.

The update page on Verizon's site, which provides benefits of the new 2.1 OS as well as the update instructions, still mentions "Coming Soon!" as the release date.

That last part, however, apparently means today, May 11th, according to a MobileCrunch tipster who sent in this internal memo screen:

HTC Droid Eris Should Be Getting The Android 2.1 OTA Update Today

We know it says "tentatively scheduled" and Verizon doesn't exactly have the best track record with releasing 2.1 when it says it is, but we have a hunch that it will actually begin on time this time around.

One thing is for sure - we'll keep you posted on any developments.

P.S. Remember: this update requires you to wipe your phone, so make sure to back up all important data.


Artem Russakovskii
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  • SG

    Its 9:30 here in NJ and still waiting for the long overdue update... and waiting and waiting...

  • ben

    SG: As I posted on another forum, This is great news, however keep in mind once the droid started getting the update, it took several weeks before all droids had it, so if you don’t get it today, don’t immediately take that to mean it’s not coming. It may take a few weeks. I’m as excited as anybody to get it, but be patient; ota updates can be a slow process.

  • texsage

    Verizon + HTC = virtual Hell To Customers.
    The 1.5 OS was outdated 11/2010. No update by 5/2010, while HTC continues to release new phones with latest OS, shows blatant disregard for Eris customers.
    Enough is enough!

  • heathenx

    Verizon Droid Eris: Got an over the air update on 05-16-2010. Rocking 2.1 where I had 1.5. Everything seems to work great (except for losing a few contacts). Just got to be a little patient. ;)

  • Justin

    It didnt come to me in Texas until 5/18.. Now I want to root the dang thing and think I am screwed from what I been reading.