The HTC Hero Android 2.1 update (which we previewed in full here) drama can now probably get its own reality show - every week we get a leak or a "source" that promises the update "for sure this time" and then the week goes by - and nothing happens.

The recent May 7th rumor was getting so old and repetitive, we didn't even consider it report-worthy, and now a Sprint community employee has indicated it indeed had no merit.

SarahHS, an official Sprint Community Admin (Sprint Community is Sprint's official forum) closed a thread that posted those same "leaked" Best Buy screenshots that promised the update on the 7th with:

Closing this thread because I don't want folks to think that 2.1 is coming out on the 7th.


So it looks like if we trust a community admin with a 3.5 year old (and we're inclined to do so), you may put your waiting hat back on and sit tight (or, just get the 2.1 update by flashing DamageControl ROM - that's what I did and have been enjoying 2.1 for weeks now, without looking back).

The users did not seem to like what SarahHS had to say and rated her post 1-star. We know - we all feel a little bitter about it.


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  • Thorn

    I've been told by Cellular South that they will have the update in June, which I figure will be the same time as Sprint for the HTC Heros they both sell.

    Hopefully, Cellsouth will stay on track for June, i'm looking foward to the 2.1 which clears up alot of lag it appears.

  • Pancake

    This is a joke :( What's the link to that Damage rom? lol

  • Dennis Yuhasz

    I talked to Best Buy in Merrillville, IN yesterday, and they confirmed the update. He told me that even Sprint store customers can also bring their phones in. He knew exactly what I was talking about with no hesitation.

  • Ronnie

    They will never release this update (2.0.1) for the hero. They are waiting for the EVO to be released and then everyone will just buy that because of its alleged speed. They are marketing that phone hard. But they are saying NOTHING of this ficticous update.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      It's not 2.0.1 - it's 2.1 but regardless, it is real and I am running it on a custom ROM.

      Yeah, the move can definitely be marketing related - you're right about that, and I wouldn't put it past Sprint to do it.

    • racqueteer

      Conspiracy theory = FAIL.


  • Deon McCoy

    This just in...Sprint said that they are not going to release android until 2.1 is released. Sorry guys. Well not officially but that what I think is gonna happen.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      What does that even mean?.. Not going to release Android until 2.1 is released?

  • Deon McCoy

    Awww I meant until the Evo is released. Yea I think Sprint is trying to wait until then. They should just say it instead of using the ole carrot method.

  • Bryan

    I purposely bought the Hero in March and did not wait an extra 4 months to get one of the newer phones (evo, nexus), for the sole reason that 2.1 was going to be released on the Hero long before these new phones released and I could have it "right now". As this has completely been blown out of the water, Im stuck with this hero and have been sending Sprint non-stop hate mail. And Im seriously considering ending my contract either early or just not renewing it.

  • Warren

    I've just spoken to someone at HTC about a 7th May release date and they said it was FAKE. He seemed adamant that the release date will be in June from when they officially delayed it last time. They also said it will DEFINITELY NOT be a wired update but just a pop up box that comes up.

  • Dennis Yuhasz

    I talked to a good acquaintance at a Local Sprint Store finally. He is actually the service tech there. HTC's plan is to release the Hero 2.1 upgrade on June 17th, the same day the EVO is released. HTC wants to boost the pre-sales on the EVO. But, the Hero will get it. All about the bottom line. He also leaked that Sprint will be getting the iPhone. Why??? Sprint has the only 4G network, it would be foolish for Apple not to, Android is kicking their butt in sales right now.