Oprah EVO 4G video

Probably the most awaited phone of 2010 - the super sexy HTC EVO 4G (formerly HTC Supersonic) made an appearance today on a none other than an Oprah Winfrey show.

Sprint let her play with the device and we got to catch a quick glimpse of it, thanks to fanboydestroyer from Hawtwired.com (this is the proper credit which was apparently mishandled by some other site owners) who recorded this video from his TV:

The curves, the looks - June can't come fast enough. Not much else to say here other than power, money, and celebrity status definitely have their perks.

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    Apologies for the broken Youtube video - it's now fixed (plus Youtube was actually down for a good amount of time).

  • Indirect Rep

    I've been told, that our IAE's are getting advocate Evo's in the next 2 weeks! They had to take an hour long training on the device. Also, they told us of a $199 price tage after $100 MIR on contract.