Adobe Flash and Air on a prototype Android tablet

The Web 2.0 Expo happening in San Francisco has us quite excited, as Zedomax.com, a blog revolving around technology and gadgets, has found an Android tablet prototype smoothly running Flash and Air.

As you may remember, Adobe had a bit of a falling out with Apple last month, and vowed to instead gun for Android at full speed. With that announcement, we found out that the private Air/Flash beta has been a huge success with developers, with some porting their apps from Flash/Air to Android in a matter of hours.

According to Max, the founder of Zedomax, the tablet he saw was running Flash and Air apps, including Youtube, flawlessly:

It runs Adobe’s Flash and Air apps flawlessly.  That was the first time I saw Adobe’s Air apps running on a tablet and totally impressed by how it ran.

Check out his videos below:

Mike, the Adobe representative Max was speaking mentioned a whole slew of Android tablets coming before the end of the year, though he refused to name the companies involved (we know of quite a few already, no worries there).

Here's to all the great Flash content we'll finally be able to access on our mobile devices, hopefully starting in early 2H of 2010!

Adobe Flash and Air on a prototype Android tablet Adobe Flash and Air on a prototype Android tablet Adobe Flash and Air on a prototype Android tablet


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  • zxcv01

    I'm curious to see the CPU usage when those Air/Flash apps are running. Running on a fast CPU is one thing but running efficiently and not draining the whole battery in an hour is whole other one.

  • Pablo

    zxcv01 i'm looking for the same thing, but using nvidia's tegra 2 for a tablet instead of 5$ ipad arm processor i'm sure it will have both performance and efficience

  • Bart Guijt

    The .5-second swipe-lag is not 'flawless' (see esp. 1st video). Yeah, I know, it's a prototype and whatnot. It's just not flawless.

  • http://www.floatingbones.com Phil Earnhardt

    I'm also interested in power efficiency.

    If Adobe's products are as efficient as they claim, why don't they use their cross-compiler to create an iPhone video player? They could then have a reporter like Mossberg do head-to-head comparisons between the built-in video software and Flash/Air. Adobe could generate a developer's key to the reporter testing it -- there's no need to go through the App Store.

    I realize this is a bitt off-topic for an Android blog, but power consumption (and battery life) is crucial for these kind of computers. Apple has set a high standard for battery life; will devices like this be able to match it?

    • jarat

      Apple already ban all cross-compiling with their new terms.

      I have 2 iphone with me, and I am not very impress with their "high standard" of batter life. Maybe I use it too much?

  • zxcv01

    I wonder if this runs Hulu, considering it's streaming video rather than using progressive download.