Android Starcraft 2 contest
Last Updated: August 12th, 2010

The Contest

Update 5/4/2010: The contest is now over! We've had 62 entries and 2 keys to give out, so the odds were pretty good. The winners have now been chosen at random - head over here to see them.

The first official Android Police contest is here!

To promote the site further, following our very successful first month on the net, we decided to give away 2x Starcraft 2 Beta keys which will let you download the most anticipated game of this year and play it on Battle.net.

You can preorder Starcraft on Amazon and get the beta key for free or participate in this contest.

Android Starcraft 2 contest

How To Win

The rules are simple.

We will give out 2x Starcraft 2 beta keys.

In order to win 1 of them, complete all of these steps:

  1. Follow @AndroidPolice on twitter (of course, you can also subscribe to the RSS in addition).
  2. Retweet the following message:
    Follow @AndroidPolice for your Android news/reviews and go to http://bit.ly/9MbCk8 to win a Starcraft 2 Beta Key. #Starcraft2 #Android
  3. Leave a comment here and mention your favorite unit, feature, ability, and/or building that you are excited about or love the most.
    Don't feel constrained to just one though - if you got multiple favorites, don't feel shy and spill the beans.

The contest ends in 1 week, on Monday, May 3rd, at 11:59PM PST. The 2 winners will be chosen randomly, posted here, and notified via email/twitter.

SC2 Resources

Here are some useful Starcraft 2 links in order to get your started:

Are you excited?! I've been playing SC 2 Beta for a few days, and it's a massive amount of fun, for both diehard Starcraft fans and new players.

Let the contest begin!

Android Starcraft 2 contest Android Starcraft 2 contest

Android Starcraft 2 contest Android Starcraft 2 contest

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  • Scx2010

    I Love Nexus' Chrono boost because if used well it can be so effective, yet it is also hard to use so if you are any good with it it is somethign to be proud of and the fact it is so versatile.

    • http://www.twitter.com/ryand86 RyanD86

      I love siege tanks. I'm glad their keeping the siege mode ability in the sequel. Perfect for base defense!

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Yeah, I'm happy they didn't remove them as well. There's nothing more satisfying than sieging 12 of these bad boys and exploding half the enemy's units in a flash.

  • http://blog.jir.dk Martin

    Marines are by far the best unit, mostly for audio dialogue though. Both in SC2 and SC1 :)

  • guille0301

    build 5 to 10 gateways and upgrade them to Warp gates, then move a prysm near enemy base (lol behind smoke curtains on some maps) and spawn a raid party right on their base! no transport needed :D

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      This is a deadly one!

  • http://chimpit Storfmon

    Personally I think the stalker abilty "blink" is great! looks good and helps you get out of some tight spots.

  • http://twitter.com/adriencollot adriencollot

    I'd say SCV/probes/... !!
    No win without them ;)

    More seriously, I would say Siege Tanks but I'm very excitted about testing the new units. So hard to wait for the game to be released :-(

  • elvin

    I love Dark Templar's. Build them in early stage of the game (2-3) and you smash the opponents economy/expansion. They are very strong and versatile.

  • http://twitter.com/Hjalt Johan Larsson

    I have to say I'm only modestly excited about the new units and abilities in StarCraft 2. So I'll be a little far fetched and pick loading medivacs with thors. It looks absolutely hilarious and I bet it's a great way to do some serious harassing!

  • MrRandomacity


    Favorite unit...

    Marine. I like the Terrans because I like machines, as well as I can put it. I also like the lark explosions and the blood and gore they cause when they die. And they can be upgraded to a much more efficient and powerful unit in Starcraft 2 opposed to Starcraft 1. It is also by the far the most bendable unit, they have good range and can attack air and ground. In large groups they can destroy anything of 5 or more units in no time. Although they do have their cons, one of which is that they have rather bad range, and can be picked off quite easily, aslo they are expensive for how short they last and what minimal damage they do.

    My favorite ability is the Storm, capable of just wiping out large units with a few storms, and wiping out multiple units of tier 1. They look amazingly powerful

    Building: Barracks, I love how they made the barracks to make more than one unit at a time and get tons of upgrades, this just adds to the awesomeness.

    My favorite feature is the actual graphics themselves, I love how the objects fall from the sky when destroyed, and how the graphics are just all out amazing.

    All in all, Starcraft 2 is shaping up to be the 2nd best game ever (1st is Starcraft fro now).

  • Mike K

    Playing as Terran has always been my favorite, sending a bunch of marines with some ghosts attached out into the wilds to get trounced by some Zerg is so much fun.

  • Joe Layne

    I love the Motherships with the Planetcracker and Cloaking abilities. I like that this unit has multi features and is a Base Building too. Cant wait for the full game :D.

  • http://twitter.com/nicholasvbowman Nicholas Bowman

    As a professionaltoss I gotta love the Colossus. It's like War of the Worlds except they don't die of lame diseases. Also, it is easier than ever to do ninja rushes if you're protoss, because of warp prisms and blink.
    Additional pylons FTW

  • JoeCool

    Since I have played Terran in the original, it is exciting to see how they have evolved. The Marine/Marauder/Medivac combo seems like a popular build and has a lot of potential to counter a wide variety of army make-ups. Looking forward to this game!

  • shamoo121

    psionic storm is the best! it's awesome using it and watching a ton of zerglings just disappear, completely dominates haha

  • http://linux.ime.usp.br/~arthur rockslave

    Gotta love the Viking. You can't compete against Lost Vikings quotes!

    And it's such a nice support unit... even forces the enemy to leave some stuff back at his base. =)

  • Gary L

    I am super excited for the Terran firebats, from what i've seen online so far they seem underused and under appreciated, also, the new ghost makes me super happy along with the new ghost facility.

  • http://twitter.com/MattDolan5595 MattDolan5595

    The zealot is by far the best unit. It's a classic, and with its new charge ability, it's even more boss than before!

  • Kluc1996

    The Thor is the coolest for sure. It's a SC 1 Goliath on steroids.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Yeah, those are freaking massive and scary. Thors and Colossus's (Colossusi?) are like 5 stories tall. Great vote!

  • blah2135

    like the protoss the colossus and the DTs are my favorite

  • Alex

    I love Reapers. Their ability to harass is amazing! They can completely change an early game if micro'd well enough

  • http://bennet.co.nr Bennet Manuel

    Haven't played the game yet, but looking forward to see what this is about and how it compares to the other games that i am playing....

  • David

    Thanks for offering this! My favorite unit are the Terran Ghosts, and the ability I love most is the cloaking. I'm excited about the new features in Starcraft II. Tweeted and subscribed to newsletter.

  • puppi

    I just love the banshees. I've seen videos of players using it and I'm eager to try them myself. They're so vesatile! you can use them to support your direct assault with high air to ground damage or sneak into your opponents mineral line using cloak and take it out fast. Just beautiful!

    The other feature I'm eager to try is the nydus worm. I see countless posibilities for this strucure. I want to see how effective it is to break into someone's base from places they didn't expect, right from beneath the ground. I'm also thinking of using it as a direct communication between my main base an a far expo (yellow minerals?).

  • Michale

    i can't wait for starcraft II. as long as they have it similar to the first with improved graphics, thats cool with me!

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      So what's your favorite feature?

      • http://twitter.com/joshjib Josh Firman

        My favourite feature.. hmm maybe terran's ability to lift off buildings and swap around reactors and tech labs from other buildings, say you were going mass marauders, had two barracks with reactors on pumping out marauders, you need to do a fast tech switch, so you build a factory; lift the barracks off of the tech lab, and land the factory onto the tech lab, saves time and can be used effectively to surprise opponents with a ninja tech switch from what i've seen. I really do watch too many streams :P <3

        • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

          Wow, I never thought of doing this and never knew Factory and Barracks tech labs were compatible with each other.

          Great advice!

  • Mona Zhao

    Omg, I'm soo excited about the new units heehee <3 Favorite unit is Ghost because I love how they can go through walls ^___^

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Ghosts can go through walls in SC2?

      • Johan Larsson

        I don't think so. There's no indication of that.

  • WayHow Hsu

    My favourite unit is the MARINE. Because you can stim them and they can fuck people up! YEEEEA! SSSSSSSSS AAAAAAAA thats the stuff! I'm looking to fuck people up on SC2 YEEEEEA!

  • Travis

    It's all about the Reaper. Finally a unit that will be able to jump up walls and attack from basically anywhere

  • http://twitter.com/pmcguire89 Peter McGuire

    My favorite unit is the Protoss Carrier. Absolutely love my cloud of Interceptors eating a base in under a minute. ;)

  • http://twitter.com/joshjib Josh Firman

    well.. being a terran player, My favourite unit in SC2 definitely has to be reapers! I love the fast movement speed, the ability to jet pack up and down cliffs, fast sustained damage against other units and buildings combined with, if macro'd right, the ability to kite around and avoid damage while still doing damage on most units.

    Another unit I love is the thor, it takes a lot to build, a factory, and an armoury + 300 minerals and 200 vespene gas, but to get a factory and armoury you need a barracks, but once you do get all that together and start pumping these out not much can stop you. I love the way these slow moving mech units just stroll through and destroy pretty much anything thrown at them, a cool cheese strat I've seen is where you make 2 thor's as early as possible back it up with a few mariens, and take scv's along to heal it up, and do an early late tech rush on the enemy, it certainly provides some laughs! ;)

    so yeah, that's my two favourite units, tried to keep it to a minimum but once I get going... ;) good luck everyone else, hope we get in to the beta, cus hell! it;s about time..

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Very nice. You seem to know a lot about the units for not having beta access - where did you get such insight?

      • http://twitter.com/joshjib Josh Firman

        @Artem Russakovskii

        I've been watching lots of replays and shoutcasts. specifically hdstarcraft and husky starcraft on youtube :)

  • http://twitter.com/lerdex lerdex

    I really like Dark Templars and Ghosts because of their harassment potential. Plus they seems very cool! But the Marines are brutal and awesome.

  • David

    My favorite new units are the Colossi. Being able to walk all over the place, up and down cliffs while melting enemies with lazer rays is pure awesomeness :D

    • David

      My twitter is "antforce", btw.

  • Kavos

    My favorite unit is the Zerg Infestor, I think he has a lot of potencial, but people don't give him enought credit

  • snowboycowman

    my favorite unit so far is thor, for obvious reasons.

  • Adi

    My favorite: the Thor, by far. I just love the voice acting!

  • Rhainus

    I really like Dark Templars and Ghosts because you can smash the enemy before it even has something to spot the Templars with. I also like the Zergs, because you can also rush to the opponent and cause a lot of damage :)

  • khin

    My favorite unit is phoenix after seeing it used by nony.

  • Starzcat

    I really like the builder units...

    Terran : SCV
    Protoss : Probe
    Zerg : Drone

    Because They Got Special Abilities ..:D
    Abilities :

    1.Can Build
    2.Can Gather Vespene Gas And Crystal..:D
    3.Can Repair
    4.Can Attack
    5.Can Move
    6.Can Talk
    7.Can Stop
    8.Can Kill
    9.Can Win
    10.And Many More

    And 1 More Thing Is..
    If Did'nt Have The Builder How Ur City Grow And Become Bigger? Or U Use Marine , Zealot , Zergling To Grow Ur City And Become Bigger..?

    That All For Me..
    I Hope U Like My Short Story And My Favourite Units..:D

    Sry My Bad English..

  • halldorhg

    Favourite ability at the moment are the new forcefields. When used correctly its probably the most influental new feature in the game when it comes to micro in SC...

    • http://twitter.com/Scx2010 Scx2010

      I agree, but people bitch so much they'll probably get nerfed D=

  • http://polygames.be Hippolyth

    I'm looking forward to all the units and abilities, i just want to feel and experience the game... after 10 years! it's evolved so much the kind of play, the feel, and fans! and i just want to have the warm feeling again like i had back in the old days, i want to see how all all the units changed!

  • iOverflow

    Favorite unit is the Mutalisk because it is a very strange yet powerful unit which only has a mouth to shoot and wings to fly

  • http://twitter.com/MaxwellThom Maxwell Thom

    Protoss Phoenix looks amazing! The ability to disable ground units as well as take out air units will add a lot of variation to the Protoss air lineup.

  • Senne Mennes

    Though I was a Terran player in SC1, I have to go for the Protoss Sentry on this one. It's a very low tech unit but it manages to retain its usefulness throughout an entire game,even when tier 3 tech is out on the battlefield because of its low mineral cost but high gas cost, making it easy to spend that leftover gast more effectively but most importantly because of a beautiful ability called : Force Field. The tide of battle can be immediately stemmed by a couple of well placed force fields and so I'm really eager to see Korean programers like Stork or Bisu use them in their godly, only-us-South-Koreans-can-do-this style.

    Combined with the Chrono boost on the Nexus, I think a lot of beautiful timing pushes can be invented and these features are what makes SC2 so attractive : it has easy-to-use mechanics and a newbie-friendly competitive system, yet the learning curve is really steep and so it has something to offer for every kind of gamer, be it the casual one or the competitive one.
    Anyway, this was just my two cents, good luck to everyone with the contest and maybe i'll see you on Battlenet :)

  • Jason

    I'm a fan of the corsair wannabes phoenixes that NONY is amazing with.

  • twbradio

    I loved my G1 until it was stolen ... I have a Cliq XT now that is pretty good, but man I miss xda developers

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I have a feeling you're doing it wrong. :P

  • Alex

    Definitely look forward to using the Protoss Mothership, but the Zerg Queen with her new abilities looks awesome too.

  • Phaze

    the stuff i like seeing the most in sc2 are the macro mechanics, i think blizzard really outdid themselves this time because most of the times, a successor of a great game can never quite match its predecessor (legend of zelda, jak & daxter, ...) but because of these innovating features like the MULE calldown, the larva spawn, and the chrono boost sc2 definitely lives up to sc1.

    My favourite unit from the terrans is the Thor because 1 : it sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and 2 : it's a giant powerranger like robot, what more is there to say?

    My favourite unit from the protoss is the stalker because it's so versatile (air and ground / earlygame and lategame / support / assault) and the blink micro is absolutely amazing

    My favourite unit from the zerg is the Brood Lord because it throws broodlings at your opponents, so in a way it's kinda like splash damage only the splash has a mind of its own ^^

    To be honest, I don't know what race i'll play because they're all so different yet so balanced so i can't state enough how good of a job blizzard has done. I was kinda pissed off because it took so long to complete but the results are definitely worth the wait, i only hope i'll be able to experience it first hand in the beta =)

  • Jim

    I like the banshees, because they will beat down things like the immortal, roach, and marauder from the air. I like the concussive shells because it looks easier to pick off melee units like zealots. I also like the photon cannon because it is the only static defense that can shoot both building and air without using other units to be inside, like the bunkers.

  • Jim

    oh and the mules are awsome

  • Ben

    My favorite unit is da sentry cuz of it's spells

  • http://twitter.com/Karliath Howard Chiang

    My favorite unit is the reaper! Reaper rushes are awesome especially when harassing probes :) Yes, I am inherently against Protoss muahahahhahaha.

  • http://twitter.com/bai3ydoll vi_x3

    My favorite is definitely the Zerg Hydralisk. I love that they've evolved into huge, fierce animals. Plus they get to travel underground and ambush enemies with their Sycthe-like arms ;)

    I'd love to see them get faster and even more fierce, climbing walls and really taking out the other forces.

  • http://gardenofaiur.com GardenOfAiur

    I absolutely love the new Blink ability for stalkers

  • wearelu

    hey, I love zerg's Queen most.it's cool

  • Afal88

    The new terran command center upgrades are so badass!

  • 2dvh

    Personally i like the phoenix because with good control of them you can own the enemy base by lifting their workers up and killing them.

  • Dzverski

    My fav unit is the sentry mainly because of the force field which can turn a battle around like that. Guardian shield is also a very useful ability and on top of all the sentry does a lot of damage especially considering that its a caster unit.

  • Tenorikuma

    I'm looking forward to figuring out some siege tank strategies in SC2. They seem to be underused in the commentary videos I've watched.

  • http://twitter.com/moitasc Jonathan

    My favorite unit is Zealot. It is a powerful and cheap unit, and his "sprint" upgrade in Starcraft 2 is amazing!

  • Spencer Rosengarten

    As an aspiring Terran player (and I do have a LONG way to go), I think the coolest of the new units is the Viking - more versatile than the Golaith's of old and more useful than the Valkyrie air-to-air fighters (which I could never get the hang of).

    I would love to see how a Hotkey's worth of Viking's do in a support accompaniment situation with a Battlecruiser on a final base assault! :-)

  • RaptorJedi

    Lurkers are still my favorite.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mwardrop2 mwardrop2

    I love the new Dark Archons... look so sick.

  • http://twitter.com/nasosd Nasosd

    Terrans ftw mate! I love them all!

  • http://Twitter.com/ricosta3 Ricosta3

    My favorite unit is the thor. They are so large and on a different level of epicness than all the rest =D

  • gb

    Mothership FTW!
    It's huge!