50,000 Android apps

Today Android celebrates another milestone - all Android Markets combined count over 50,000 applications and games, according to the Android Market tracker AndroLib. AndroLib is one of the biggest market trackers out there and monitors over 10 separate marketplaces in addition to the main one.

10,000 apps were cranked out in less than a month, as exactly 4 weeks ago we celebrated the 40,000 mark, and, as you can see, the progress has been excellent.

50,000 Android apps

This number is not inflated in any way by counting application updates - AndroLib includes only separate programs in the total.

AndroLib is often accused of having higher numbers than other sites. When reached for a comment, Etienne from the AndroLib team had this to say to us:

It is rarely mentioned but Androlib covers over 10 markets and therefore also lists applications unfound in other sites. Just try to find this random russian app on the other sites :-)

Honestly, we cannot guarantee we have everything but we think we are doing a pretty good job at it. Our number is high as some applications might have been taken out of the market. We count everything that has ever been added to the market. Upates do not count towards the overall number obviously.

On the rating front, nothing is added manually. All the ratings are the phone ratings.

A useful statistics page contains a whole variety of graphs for the curious.

As I estimated earlier, at the pace the Marketplace is growing, it should reach 100,000 applications by sometime in September.

Combine this with the upbeat release of private beta testing results of porting Flash/Air to Android, and you got yourself the perfect storm for Android expansion.

Of course, the application situation is far from perfect, but the Apple store can't say it is doing a much better job of controlling all the "spam apps".

Nevertheless, congratulations to Android and Google on this another awesome milestone!

50,000 Android apps 50,000 Android apps

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  • Kane

    We're half way to 100k! Still a long way before catching up to Apple but the Flash portability is so exciting and opens up all these possibilities.

    Yes please!

  • Ali

    50, 000 already wow. Took Apple years to get to double that. Probably due to their market policing habits. I absolutely love everything Android is doing and I LOVE my droid!

    • http://hgw27.net hgw27

      Apple reaches 50k in 11months. Android Market do it in 18 months.

  • https://signup.leagueoflegends.com?ref=4ab9749f090d3 someguy

    Not an apple supporter but while the rate of growth is huge with android (probably do 11 thousand apps this month). Apple is releasing 25,000 apps a month now. Still a long way for android to catchup. Of course I bet a lot of the apple apps will start being ported to Andriod once people start to understand that its really is the superior platform in every way but apps.

  • Smith

    Android Market has not 50.000 apps. Is simply to check: Androlib.com never deletes an application, and if you follow everyday the market, you will see a lot off applications disapearing. Developers deletes applications, Google deletes applications, ... but Androlib never delete an application.

    The Android market has (aprox.) 40.000 live applications.