Taylor over at AndroidandMe released some Google Analytics findings yesterday showing a couple of hits from Android 2.2 devices, leading us to believe that Froyo is being tested as we speak. Taylor says this information was later confirmed by additional undisclosed sources at Google.

As you may have heard, Google has given each attendee of its fast approaching Google IO conference (happening May 19-20th) a choice of a free Droid or a Nexus One (us included). The conference, as Taylor points out, could very well be the perfect time to launch Froyo. Whether that is the case or not, we will be there, blogging any important news live the second they occur.

Rumored Features

Some of the rumored features that will be coming along with this Android update are:

  • JIT Compiler
  • Free Additional RAM
  • Flash 10.1 Support
  • Activation of Color Trackball
  • Enable FM Radio
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 Enchancements
  • Cross multitouch resolution fixes

While all of these features are good, there are a few features that should be mandatory such as Apps2SD becoming native to the Android OS. Android 2.2 seems to focus on mostly performance enhancements with little addition of actual features, at least from what the rumors gathered so far.


Release Date

There is no official release date for Froyo yet, although you can be sure that vanilla Android devices such as the Droid and Nexus One will be faster to receive updates than custom UI phones that have Sense or MOTOBLUR piled on top of them. It is also unknown whether older gen devices would be able to receive this update but I think there is a good chance they would not. Of course, that will not stop custom ROMs from unleashing some Froyo action to these older devices, just like they had already done with the 2.1 for the G1.

So what features are you hoping to see in Android 2.2?

Source: Android and Me

Andrew Huff
Ever since he was old enough to walk, Andrew has been a computer geek and gaming fanatic. This took a turn for the worse after getting the G1 the moment it was released, becoming an Android addict, and eventually snagging a Nexus One.
When not reporting about Android gaming at www.DroidGamers.com and writing for Androidpolice, he spends his time with his wife and a newborn boy.
  • Kane

    apps2sd or its google equivalent would be really nice but for new phones it's not as big of a problem anymore because they have much bigger internal storage.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com Andrew Huff

      I agree it's a lot better. I went from a G1 to a N1 thanks to Google but even with the N1's internal storage it won't take long to fill up if we start seeing apps and games (especially games) get to the size of iPhone games/apps.

      Even the new upcoming phones such as the Evo and Samsung Galaxy S could get filled up pretty quickly if we start seeing 100MB games dropping onto Android.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Indeed, when those games start to come out (after OpenGL ES2.0 is supported), they'll start getting big - currently game developers have to work around the issue by making the game core small and then downloading components onto the SD card from within the game, which is not the most optimal experience.

        Native apps2sd, seriously, how could that not have been high up on the priority list?

  • TareX

    I'm excited about the OpenGL ES 2.0 enhancements, I hope they can be seen on the homescreen (like TAT's homescreen concept).

    Regardless, even if app2ssd isn't standard, I can rely on CyanogenMod to add it to Froyo.

    I would love to see video call support come to Android (the HTC Evo 4G has a front camera after all).

  • http://none Elderon

    -JIT Compiler
    This is an awesome addition if it is stable and fully functional. currently the build of jit people use in various roms are from the initial engineering test build google put in the source. It's buggy and always unstable, but it can put impressive speed boosts in benchmarks and seems to improve responsiveness overall on the system. Can't wait

    -Free Additional RAM
    I'm skeptical, free ram from where? was there some magical space we never knew about hiding in our phones? I can see 3 options, 1 compache that is optimized, 2, apps 2 sdcard made by google or 3, taking video memory or memory from another location like unused internal app storage?

    -Enable FM Radio
    nice, but uhh why? the phone plays mp3's, movies and can stream anything you want, much better than crappy ota radio and you can still stream that too anyways with apps.

    -Flash 10.1 Support
    -OpenGL ES 2.0 Enchancements

    These two are probably the biggest, even over JIT. Honestly I'm extremely disappointed in the lag of development from google. I understood the reason for software rendering when android first came out and hardware on phones was till very underpowered, but seriously now, all phones in the last 6 months and onward all have graphic processors able to do opengl 2.0.

    Why is it not being used in the os? apps only? come on! thats like running windows 7 aero with full graphics using cpu only. NOT COOL GOOGLE. perhaps with these updates a home replacement can be made in flash that is fully hardware accelerated and completely replace androids desktop if you want it to. It's time to kill Skia and if adobe has flash as optimized as they seem to let people think, it should work to just bypass skia completely. It should with fancy animations and themes/ live wall papers, cut down on power usage and heat as the gpu is way more efficient at doing it than the cpu anyways. this lets it throttle down more often if you have a oc rom. or heck just a normal one would prob save power

    If you want to know why this is important to have 3d accelerated os and not just apps look at the iphone. 3gs is the same spec hardware basically as the droid (pretty close) except apple has it use opengl for the entire os including apps. You can see the difference in apps if you use both devices. the droid might have more features and is my current favorite, but apple games always seem smoother and less laggy overall, even though they are not hacked for overclocking (don't think?).

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Nice feedback, Elderon.

      Regarding 2: I think what Taylor meant here is additional memory will be available because optimizations to the components and the core architecture would make for more efficiently used memory, which will make it available for other programs to use.

      • Frank Yobert

        The extra memory comes from a new build of the linux kernel...

    • peben

      FM Radio -

      Its just another feature that would be cool to have. yes you can stream via pandora, slacker radio and such apps. However, FM radio comes into place when you don't want to rely on your phone constantly pulling data to stream music. There are people who don't want their music stopping in the middle because of weak data connection. With FM radio, you use your headset as an antenna and you don't have to bother about constant data pull and music stopping in the middle.

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        Absolutely agreed, though I think this is strictly dependent on the hardware though - if the phone doesn't have an FM chip, you won't be able to get radio.

        The N1 has the chip, so hopefully at some point it'll have radio but the Hero, for instance, never will.

        The EVO 4G and the Incredible already have FM support btw.

    • Somebody

      Additional RAM is from the second memory bank. This applies only to GN1 or other similar devices. It does NOT increase the RAM on, for example, DREAM. Changes to the Linux kernel allow the additional memory bank to be addressed, thus memory that was there but unusable becomes available.

      Re FM radio: the big part here isn't the receiver, but the TRANSMITTER. It means you set your CAR RADIO to 88.8 and your phone will transmit TO YOUR CAR -- music, calls (don't worry about the microphone, there's one on your phone), etc., through your car radio, even if your car doesn't have bluetooth.

      Flash: DIE FLASH DIE!!!!
      You may notice that flash web content has been vanishing at an ever increasing rate. It doesn't offer any benefit. It pigs out on RAM and CPU. It has NO PLACE in this world. If 2.2 has flash, I'll be deleting it, but honestly? It isn't going to be part of AOSP since the "OS" in there doesn't mean "operating system", but rather "open source". The flash garbage will come from adobe.

      GL stuff... actually, even the VERY FIRST android phone, the HTC DREAM, had/has a VERY CAPABLE GL CHIP. Regarding it being used in the OS... well that depends on how you define the OS... fact is that android is MODULAR -- any android app/component can be replaced by anyone else's. As of Android 2.1, all of LAUNCHER, HOMESCREEN (live wallpapers), and GALLERY use GL rendering.

      Also, just to be absolutely clear, do NOT compare "like windoze7aero".... MS ***STOLE EVERYTHING***. ***EVERY*** one of their new features was previously implemented on some other operating system. In some cases APPLE, in other cases LINUX. All of their "that was my idea" commercials --- well those ideas were ALL STOLEN. NO EXCEPTION. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them was part of Linux at LEAST 4 years ago... yes, even before VISTURD.

  • Avian

    The fact is on the default kernel the Nexus one is missing a ton of ram because it doesn't have himem support. That is what this is referring to.

  • Brill Pappin


    Who in their right mind doesn't enable tethering on their phone when all the parts are already there?

    Without tethering I've had to go back to my iPhone.