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Last Updated: October 12th, 2013

In this article, I will discuss all kinds of aspects of rooting your Android phone and the benefits that come with it.

Maybe you've heard about "rooting" a phone from a friend or read about it somewhere on the Internet.  Maybe you even *kind of* know what it is but aren't sure what you can do with it. Or maybe you are already running a rooted phone and looking for more ways you can utilize it. Whatever the case may be, this article is for you.

What Is Rooting?

First, for the newbies, let me clarify what rooting is. Getting root or rooting your phone is the process of modifying the operating system that shipped with your device to grant you complete control over it.

This means you can overcome limitations that the carriers and manufacturers put on your phone, extend system functionality, and even upgrade it to a custom flavor of Android.

The name root comes from the Linux operating system world, where the most privileged user on the system (otherwise known as Administrator on Windows) is called root.

Now, I'd like to take a moment to dispel a common misconception and clarify one thing: rooting does *not* mean installing a custom ROM (a ROM is a modified, "aftermarket" OS).

Installing a ROM may require rooting first, but just rooting can be usually done in only a few minutes, keeping your stock OS otherwise completely intact.

Usually rooting is fairly simple - in most cases you can find several videos and articles on the web that explain how to do it on your specific phone model - just Google "YOURPHONEMODEL root".

Rooting is not something manufacturers or carriers approve of but they can't really prevent it from happening because the rooting process usually exploits a vulnerability in the operating system code or device drivers and allows the "hacker" to upload a special program called su to the phone. This program is the one that provides root access to programs that request it.

Contrary to popular belief, su stands for "switch user" and not "superuser."

Another program called Superuser Permissions is usually bundled with all root methods. It gives you a chance to approve or deny requests from any application that wants to utilize root. Superuser Permissions essentially replaces the conventional root password with a simple Approve/Deny prompt, which isn't as secure as having a password, but is far more convenient on a mobile device.

Now an obligatory warning: rooting your phone does run the risk of potentially bricking it (i.e. your phone could become nonfunctional) – so do your homework before attempting anything, unless you're a fan of $500 paper weights.

Benefits Of Rooting

Let’s check out some of the benefits of rooting your Android phone.

Full Control Over Android

You have access to alter any system files, use themes, change boot images, delete annoying stock apps, such as Sprint's NFL Mobile live and Nascar Sprint Cup Mobile, and other various native applications that might drive you crazy (Footprints, Voice Dialer, etc).

There is plenty of information on the web on how to accomplish this, but our favorite way is by using Titanium Backup and freezing/deleting the apps from there (root required, of course).

Back Up And Restore The Whole System

On most rooted Android devices, you can back up your entire system to an SD card, much in the same way you can image a hard drive. This is great if you’d like to try a new ROM, as you can back up your phone, wipe it completely, flash the new ROM, and if you don’t like it, just restore from your backup to get your device back to exactly how it was before you wiped it.

The easiest way to do this at the moment is by using ROM Manager, developed by famed Android developer Koush.

ROM Manager allows you to easily flash a custom recovery image which is what you will need in order to backup and restore your phone. The recovery image is a special program that can be booted into outside of the phone's main operating system, sort of like an OS recovery console on a PC. By default, the recovery image on most Android phones only gives you a few options, mainly related to wiping the phone. Custom recovery images expand upon these options and usually include scripts that can do things like backup and restore your system, fix file permissions, or allow you to flash custom ROMs that the normal recovery image would otherwise reject.

Normally, flashing a custom recovery image requires some command line work, either on your PC, or on a terminal emulator directly on the phone, but Koush's ROM Manager should automatically flash his custom recovery image (known as ClockworkMod Recovery) for you, provided you're on one of the supported phones (<-- the list in this link should be always up-to-date, as it's maintained by Koush) and that it is already rooted.

Using ROM Manager is pretty simple. Download and install the application from the market, fire it up, and you’ll be prompted to allow the application superuser permissions - make sure you approve it.

The first thing you’ll need to do is flash the ClockworkMod recovery image that I mentioned earlier, which can be done right in the app (it’s the first option). ROM Manager should automatically find the latest version of the right image for your phone, download, and install it - the whole process is seamless.

After that is done, you can simply use the ‘Manage and Restore Backups’, and ‘Backup current ROM’ options to, well, backup your current ROM or restore from an existing backup. It’s that simple!

At Android Police, we always encourage supporting developers, so please check out ROM Manager Premium if you enjoyed the free version!

Save Space On Your Phone

While Google did introduce Apps2SD (moving parts of applications to external storage) officially in the Froyo update, it remains up to developers to manually add support for it in their apps. Because of that, it's still fairly easy to overflow your internal storage and run out of space.

The easiest way to alleviate this problem and enable most applications to be movable to SD would be to flash a custom ROM that enables just that. For example, CyanogenMod, the most popular Android custom ROM, allows the user to force most apps to SD even if developers of those apps didn't enable this feature. See 13 Ways CyanogenMod 7 Makes My Android Phone Feel Future-Proof [Deep Review] for more info on this and other amazing features of CyanogenMod.

Note that this doesn't work on all apps, notably keyboards and apps with widgets.

Run Special Applications

Update 6/26/11: Rather than list apps that are supercharged by having root access here, we started a series dedicated to them. Here are the first parts of Top Android Apps Every Rooted User Should Know About:

Install Custom ROMs

The Android custom ROM scene started growing shortly after the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1, was released. The ROMs that were initially available just offered a few tweaks here and there - access to developer only sections of the operating system, debugging information, and things of that nature.

Now, a few years after the release of the G1, the Android ROM community has grown immensely, and ROMs have been developed for most of the Android phones currently on the market.

They've gone far beyond simple tweaks and can now give your phone an entirely new look and feel. There are ROMs that can make your phone fly by replacing the kernel with hyper-optimized versions or even overclocking the CPU. The possibilities are nearly limitless and attempting to cover all of the features of all the ROM's available for all of the phones out there would be pretty much impossible.

If you're interested in flashing a custom ROM on your phone, your best bet is to hit the Googles, search for "phonename custom ROM," and see what comes up. You'll likely find at least one forum dedicated to hacking your phone with plenty of information to get you started.

Here at AndroidPolice, we're planning a series of custom ROM reviews for as many phones as we can get our hands on. Stay tuned for updates!

Check out our more detailed guide that dives a little deeper into the reasons to go custom: Custom ROMs Explained And Why You Want Them


Good luck and happy rooting!

Have you rooted your phone? If so, what are you running?

Sarah Morrow
Sarah has been addicted to Android since October of 2008 when the G1 was released and has had several phones since then. Sarah is in the process of obtaining her Bachelor's degree in Web Development and spends a great deal of time online blogging and messing around with her rooted Droid Eris.
  • Chad D

    This is a great article! Too many new Android users confuse the terms custom ROM with rooting.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      That was exactly one of the main points I wanted this article to highlight. Glad you found it helpful.

      • http://coop4space.blogspot.com Supercopter

        Hi, about moving cache data to SD card, it is now a one-click easy step away : it can be achieved for Browser, Maps, Market and other caches with a single app called TA Utility (aka Move Cache for Root Users) that is free and available at the Market. See: http://goo.gl/SQZ7

        • B

          Do you happen to know if androot will brick the phone. I have a incredible running 2.2 froyo and omly want to root to teaher wirelessly (sick of paying for chater when i'm already paying for 3g). Thanks for your time!!

        • http://coop4space.blogspot.com Supercopter

          @B : Androot is the safest method I know.

          Btw, about moving installed applications to SD card, this can be done easier too : a Root user (stock or not) has just to use the Titanium Backup app free from the Market (http://goo.gl/AcY9). Long press in Titanium offers the option to move to SD *ALL* the installed apps (but not the pre-installed ones).

        • http://s s

          Very goodthanks

      • http://yahoo.com Ameya595

        Plz can u tell me how to root galaxy 5 with android 2.1?it would b very helpful.

      • Plaztek

        i dont suppose YOU have uploaded a vid to youtube on step by step inst on how to root would you?
        i just recently purchased a acer a500
        and i would like to root it, but im worried ill brick it like i did my psp

        also , thank you for this article, this one and the ROM articles were VERY helpful for me

        • Mike

          you just download the app superuser and say root. it will root you A500. I have done the same. Was working very well and is still working since 2 months. I deleted some apps i don't like but more not yet.

      • Tom

        I'm really enjoying your posts! I'm a noob and recently rooted my inspire 4g. Currently I'm running the stock ROM, however, I reverted back after trying Cyanogen Mod 7. I'm not too big on the custom ROMs right now because I haven't been able to use android market or find a download for gapps. I'm a fan of all of my games and can't seem to find a way to get a quality ROM that won't make me sacrifice them...

        • windhoarse00

          Tom you can install gasps manually. I downloaded gasps using rom manager. Once downloaded can see it through a file manager. Whatever rom u run just use recovery via bootstrap 1 or 2 or in the case of 2nd init roms use Rom manager. There are other ways too, but I can't give you all my secrets:)

    • Daz666

      I'm just posting a quick message to say a big thanks for the guide on how to create a gold card and for rooting, I did both sucessfully yesterday and my phone is running much better now with even more apps stored on the phone! :)

  • Steven

    Just would like to add, rooting itself will not brick your phone if you follow instructions at all. Installing custom ROMs potentially can, but I have had boot loops and other problems from those, which can be fixed quite easily if you know what you are doing. You should be careful when using anything that requires root permissions, just like you should be careful when using anything that requires admin priveleges on a pc. Use common sense and trusted community apps and mods, and follow directions and you'll never have a problem. Its also really easy to change back to stock if you ever need it repaired or otherwise. So voiding the warranty will only happen if you truely brick the phone, and like I said, you shouldn't.

    • http://na ANZAC

      The problem with common sense is that it is not very common!

      • Steven

        Good point. Still, follow directions and you won't brick your phone. Best advice: If you are incompetent, don't root. :-)

        • http://n/a TomJonze

          i'm incompetent but my phone (sprint hero) is really buggy and slow. how do i fix that if i'm computer retarded.

          • Yarirza05nunez

            Its awsome

    • david

      I am really nervous about rooting my phone where did you find your rooting and returning to stock info...that is a big concern of mine thanks

      • Steven

        Go to forum.xda-developers.com and find your phone. Then under the Android development section for your phone, look for instructions on rooting your current software version. What device do you have? I might be able to help you find the info you want. Usually to get back to stock, all you have to do is flash an official ROM, usually through an RUU if you have an HTC device (not sure about others). Anyways, all the instructions, ROMs, Themes, and tweaks can be found on XDA. Stay within your device section and you shouldn't have any issues, as long as you follow the directions.

        • RJeezy

          If you root your phone and then need to take it back to sprint but you restore back to stock will this still void the warranty?? Also, if a new version i.e. android 3.0 comes OTA will we still recieve/and be able to update when in root?? Thanks

        • Steven

          @RJeezy Nope. Technically, it can only possibly void your warranty. I forgot to revert my Hero and they never gave me an issue. If you can revert it to stock, they'll never know you rooted and you definitely won't have any issues.

          As for updates, you'll need a stock recovery image. Also, if you try to update to a stock image after rooting, you will lose root. I highly recommend Unrevoked forever after you have root access. This way, you can easily root after you flash a stock image. It only works on HTC phones, but its totally worth it. More information on these things is available at forum.xda-developers.com and unrevoked.com

    • George Villanueva

      Great response Steven, I have had the question of Wether if you follow instructions to the dot-would you have the possibility of "briking" ur phone.
      I myself have been reading about rooting i am new to this, could you please help me on how to root my Evo.
      I will really appreciate your help thanks,

    • Siddharth

      Hey I am using a galxy ace...i am still nervous on rooting my phone...wilthere be any damage to my phome if I root it...if yes how do I revert bak to stock and I am confusd wat is cyanogenmod and ROMs....can sum1 plz help

    • windhoarse00

      Well Steve you are absolutely correct in what u said but one thing you forgot. That is if you do brick your phone you can always "sbf " your phone back to stock. Never fear bricking it must and will happen every now and again. But sbf-in is your ace in the hole:)

  • http://twitter.com/jimdibb Jim

    Great post. I just might root my Droid now.

  • Bob Master

    If I root my n1, and 2.2 comes out, can I still switch back to stock?

    • Mike

      each rooting gives you the possibility to unroot after rooting.

  • http://www.brucekendall.com Bruceeverett

    I am not so good that I think I could Root my G1 phone myself. I have a G1 developers phone that I bought in Thailand. Is there some company that can do this for me?

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    I've spent many many hours researching how to root my evo and I sure wish I would have read this first.

    thank you.

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    If i root my phone will I lose the apps that i purchased.

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    As a former iPhone jailbreaker new to the Android world, I wish to convey my gratitude for the well-written and informative article. It's gotten me even more excited about my Evo 4G!

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  • Eyad

    Can i root the htc wildfire to run live wallpapers?? and if so can u point out how to do so ?? thanks

  • Matt

    One problem... as I would love to root my phone, but... there is barely ANYTHING out for my Android Zio which is less than a month old.

  • kimberly

    Steven. Even me, a non tech noob kinda gal understands Sarahs excellent article. I sooo want to root my Dx so I can tether. And do some other cool junk too. Im just totally unsure how to image my phone and get it back after root. Is there a site in additon to XDA that explains re process from imaging to rooting to putting your image back on the phone??? Like idiot proof stuff. I can follow instructions! Thnx Sarah!!!! V
    Thx Steven for ur value added too!!

    • Steven

      I don't know a lot about the Droid X, and know that its generally a lot different when it comes to rooting compared to HTC phones. My advice is to look at the XDA Wiki for it found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/index.php?title=File:Motorola_Droid_X.png#Guides_.26_Tutorials . This part of the wiki has all kinds of guides and tutorials and should give you what you need to know. The people at XDA Developers are generally really good at making easy to understand tutorials. You can always ask for help there and most people will be glad to answer your questions.

      Sorry I couldn't be more help.

    • jay

      To root the Droid x I used z4root to gain permanent root. Then use rommanager to install clockworkmod recovery. Then find a Rom for your device. For the Droid x u have to MAKE SURE the Rom is compatible with your software version (settings/about phone/software) it will say what it is compatible with on the same site where the download link is hosted (usually xda-developers). If u forget this step u will be in big trouble because ur phone wont boot up. Which brings me to the next step, after ur Rom.of choice is on your sdcard find an app called bootstrap or Droid x bootstrap by searchig Google. On the Droid x u CANNOT boot into recovery without running this app with the phone all the way on. That's why if u flash the wrong Rom it will not boot up and u cannot get into recovery to fix it. U will need the motorola software for flashing the factory Rom, which is not easy to fond let me tell ya. After u get into recovery go to backup/restore and create a backup. Then u can go into install any zip and find the Rom u put on ur card. As long as u matched it up with the software already on it it will flash and boot up into the custom Rom. It can take up to 10 minutes for it to boot the first time. Hope this helps. This was all from memory from doing it for a friend and I have never owned a Droid x. I have an EVO and an epic. If u need more help my Facebook is Facebook.com/lhommedangereux

  • charlie

    just to add, ROM Manager works with Samsung Galaxy S too

  • Tori

    If my samumg moment is rooted...can I change it back to the factory setting?

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  • GHook

    I rooted my Samsung Captivate using one click root and am now running Cognition ROM based off Froyo. It is pretty sweet. I bricked it once, but using Odin it was really easy to fix. Good article, it helped me decide to go ahead and root. Thanks!

    • kevin

      Hey ghook. I have a captivate. Love the phone but very curious about gow much better faster 2.2 is....so want to root since it appears all parties involved are not exactly in a hurry to push updates. Link? I can follow instr's. Thanks to everyone for the great discussion

      • GHook

        xda developers has everything you need. This is a link to the cognition ROM posting (based off froyo). Make sure you get Odin downloaded just in case you brick it though (the stock Odin). I actually flashed mine on an old winXP laptop too instead of my main Win7x64 machine. The drivers can be a little wonky on win7x64.

  • Adam

    If I root my droid 2 will I be able to tether without paying verizon even more money I mean I already pay an extra 30 a month can anyone please answer:)

    • jason brittingham

      How do I hook my elite up and play live

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/jaroslav-stekl/ Jaroslav Stekl

      Yes... once it's rooted, install an app called "Wireless Tether" from the Market, and cancel Verizon's BS extra tethering plan! Note that since your "unlimited" data package only buys you 5GB of data to choke down, you WILL still have those limits and WILL be charged if you go over them, whether on your Droid 2 directly or on the device that it's tethered to... but still - FREE TETHERING!

      • 86d

        Do all cell phone companies have this data cap even in the unlimited plans? I have sprint and am reviewing to see if such a thing is hidden in their TOS.

  • maTay0

    to Adam....
    When you tether your existing connection you will just be using your data off your existing mobile-phone plan.
    Therefore extra charges will only be incurred if you go over your data cap you have been provided.

  • shonangreg

    Thank you for this overview, but you missed one big issue. What are the downsides to rooting (other than possible warranty voidance)? Will updates still happen automatically over the air? Are rogue apps more able to compromise security? And can we reflash our phone to our last android version upgrade if we delete useful files having no backup and be back to square one?

    I have rooted my phone (Xperia X10) using z4root. I am thinking of using Barnacle Wifi Tether -- with VPN if needed -- and possible.

    • stkhoops

      I have the same questions. I have the Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) and want to root my phone and get he leaked Froyo update. But if they come out with the Gingerbread update over the air, do i need to un-root my phone, and/or do i need to restore my phone to its 2.1 settings before i update my phone?

  • Sean

    Hi I recently tried to root my nexus one it is unlocked but for some reason I can't seem to get it root I'm using a mac and when I try to use the superboot it downloads but it says image not mounted can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong.

  • ryan

    Hi there.
    I was thinking about rooting my HTC evo 2.2. But I'm scared. All I want to do is be able to do the WiFi and 4g hotspot with out the outrageous monthly bill. Should I be scared to root?

    • z3r0d3vil

      Don't be afraid... check XDA Developers, Google "unrEVOoked 3", check apps ClockworkMod, BusyBox & Titanium Backup. Google "HTC Evo roms"... I suggest CyanogenMod 6.1.2! Look into these things, get familiar and just do it.

  • clive

    Any free apps market to get free apps,thxs

  • divyam

    hi.. this is divyam .. i need to know if the motorola backflip can be updated to froyo ( android2.1 or 2.2 ) after rooting ..

    • Joshp406

      yes....to an extent. There (at the moment) are 2 excellent Backflip ROMs out on ModMyMobile: Cyanogenmod 6 and Cyanogenmod 7 (Froyo(2.2) and Gingerbread (2.3.4) respectively). If you know what you're doing, trust me, both those ROMs rock.

  • mohan

    I have galaxy i5801. I have lost my phone memory. Memory shows 0.0B.it is happenes when clockworkmod recoery image installed from rom manager.after few minuts of installing my phone hangs and i restart it it reset autometically when want to intall any app it shows no space manage space. In setting menu phone memory shows 0.0B i m helpless please help me how can i get my phone memory my e mail is [email protected] please contact me and help.

  • http://www.techgeekabhishek.blogspot.com Abhishek Pandey

    Pls tell me how to root LG Optimus One P500 running pre-installed Android Froyo 2.2. I m no an aware guy with such technical jargon. Also tell me whether I can upgrade it to use Android Gingerbread 2.3 skin or theme.

    Waiting for reply.......

    Abhishek Pandey

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    Can You pls help me root my Samsung galaxy s

  • z3r0d3vil

    Great article! I wish I would have read it before I started looking into rooting my phone, it would have been helpful. But I got it done and I'm a complete n00b. Two days of research and getting comfortable with boot mode and my HTC Supersonic is finally under my control.

    I rooted w/ unrEVOked 3, installed BusyBox, Titanium Backup & Clockwork Mod, flashed CyanogenMod 6.1.2, got SetCPU, upgraded kernel to snapTURBO 7.6 & overclocked to 11904MHz. I have better battery life, no bloatware and I don't have to pat Sprint $30 a month to use hardware I already own.

    • T dawg

      That's what I want to do with my evo, but I'm scared!!!!

  • kevshill

    Hi there, nice article on rooting and the reasons for doing so... your article is dated April 2010..... in your opinion what would the reasons for rooting a HTC Desire today ? ... would the cache be the only reason ?

  • http://facebook.com/liftedandreas AndreaS

    Great article...

    At the moment I'm running 2 androids, an HTC Magic (32b) or MT3G and a T-Mobile G1. Both rooted of course, got Biffmod v2.1 on the Magic and MIUIcy v0.2 on the G1.

    Loving it!! :D
    Customization forever!!

    Greetz from London!

  • josh

    i have no idea about this rooting thing you guys are talking about, i just want to get the apps for my droid x an not have to pay all that damn money for music downloads and movies i want to watch. what do i need to do to do that?

  • Leon

    This helped me out a lot! And definitely made me less nervous and skeptical about rooting. One question for you. I have an Evo, just got it last month so should be pretty new, and the battery life is awful even with all the battery saving tweaks I've done. What can I do while rooted to extend battery life? The more the better. Would you recommend the Unrevoked3 root? Seems pretty easy, also what's a good OS ROM I could use for good battery life and appearance customization? Thanks in advance!

    • z3r0d3vil

      Because of the excellent work of many devs, the Evo is very easy to root and very stable. Unrevoked 3 is a great choice and anything that comes from the guys at XDA Developers is expertly produced. As for your battery, upgrading to a custom rom and kernel will help. I suggest CM6.1.2 w/ SNAP turbo7.6. Also look into to app management, uninstall bloatware and CPU scaling manager. Read read read! Google and XDA developers will help.

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    and the battery life is also not up to the mark...........I don hv any idea abt rooting a phone.....but i wan t to root my wildfire......which ROM i sd best one??

    After rooting will i be able to get back my default htc's rom and ui if at all i m nt satisfied wid custom rom???

  • Will

    "The name root comes from the Linux operating system world"

    Nope. It's much older than that.

  • Terry Mathieu

    I updated my Samsung Epic to Android 2.2, and it was a disaster. To get back some of the lost functionality, I rooted it. Now, ClockworkMod (v2.5.1.0) won't let me do any more updates. Says E: Signature verification failed. What do I need to do to get around this? Thanks in advance!

  • Ishaan

    @Norman-See root is safe...it will not break your phone if you do it safely.So if you want to root your phone then go ahead.
    @Amrit-You can get back to your original rom.Firstly backup your custom rom and then apply a new rom....if don't like new rom then apply your custom rom

  • Victor

    I haven't read through all the posts but from what i did read it seems like any talk of the Cricket Kyocera ZIO was totally over looked. It came out originally with V1.6 but now has updates for 2.2 I love my Cricket Android. I get all the functionality of the Android and can have a reasonable bill with unlimited talk, text and web. :D To top it all off I was able to root it with one click using Universal Androot. :D Awesome!

  • Al

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    correct me if im wrong but If you root your droid you can pretty much get mobile hotspot for free?

    • Sinclair

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    • http://nice-hack.blogspot.com nIce

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  • jordan

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  • http://nice-hack.blogspot.com nIce

    download 4shared frm android market n sign up on 4shared.com
    login into it n serach for z4root.apk

    install this app n make ur galaxy rooted. :))

  • Q – Brian McCue

    Hi ; just doing some research before attempting to Root my Evo and I ran into this site. Just had to say how well written and informative this thread has been. Gonna krack my Evo today! You spent alot of time answering everyone's questions. Kudos to you for that. Seems people in the programming word are the same as the people in the shooting (idpa) world. Thanks bro.

  • Sue

    Sorry, I am completely new and novice to this! My daughter's xperia x8 has run out of memory, yet has a virtully full SD card. If I root her phone (which fills me with horror!!!), does that mean I can move some of her apps to the card, and delete the preinstalled apps that she will never want to use? On the phone settings it says it is Android 2.1, I don't understand the bit about gingerbread and the like! Thanks for any help!!

  • jay

    i strongly disagree with a lot of the "facts" stated here. I've been rooting and romming phones for myself, family, friends, and customers since the G1. Most rooted phones cannot run root operations such as WiFi tether, busy box, system folder remount, etc. Without a custom Rom / kernel. So "rooting" a stock Rom doesn't do anything except maybe let u use root explorer, and maybe install busybox, but without the kernel u still can't run a majority of commands. So don't expect to use z4 or androot and have a fully restriction free phone. The act of rooting is only half the battle to rid the chains off your device. I'd like to know what device u were able to use WiFi tether on after rooting. I remember working on the moment for someone and it doesn't have roms, so u have to use a wireless tether app especially designed for it. This article is misleading.

    • Rasheedjohnsonlastname

      Lg optimus one I use gingerbreak to root it downloaded superuser then wireless teather I can teather to everthing but a ps3 I had to use foxfi for that

  • jay

    Also since I've been rooting phones i have yet to see one actually bricked. 99% of the time a bricked device can easily be fixed by flashing the manufacturer software with special programs. I've done it on epic, EVO, Droid x, and a tab.

  • jay

    Would like to also add u can't use setcpu without a custom Rom/kernel either. Half the time even customer.roms wont have clockable kernels. For that I suggest researching netarchy toast mod. I wouldn't want the op to touch my devices with how much "knowledge" he seems to have.

  • Wally

    Great article! I'm going to root my HTC Eris right now. I hope I don't screw it up.

  • ray

    How do i root my LG optimuse to get wifi so my ipod an lab top work

  • Terry

    I rooted my Epic 4G and got something called clockworkmod too. Now it won't let me install updates. How can I remove it?

  • pete

    Having problems rooting my phone again since I updated my phone. Everything was working sweet on android 2.1 but now im on android 2.1 update 1 and I cant root this update is a problem and should be avoided.

  • http://boyd-speer.com Boyd Speer

    Would this process apply to all Nexus S phones - even the ones from Koodo? Their other phones don't even have SIM cards and are as tightly locked as they can make them. I'm hoping they may allow SIMs in their version of Nexus S is indeed unlocked and that rooting will allow one to dump all the "branding" that they invariably stick on it.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/04/15/rooting-explained-top-5-benefits-of-rooting-your-android-phone/ Chester

    very good explanations bout rooting about custom rom!

  • david

    i have verizon
    if i root my phone and download "Barnacle" or other program to make my phone a hot spot will it just use my 30$ a month unlimited data plan or will it charge me the other 20$ for "hot spot" and limit me to 1 gb

  • david

    Ok im new to this.

    correct me if im wrong but If you root your droid you can pretty much get mobile hotspot for free?

    Sinclair says:April 24, 2011 at 6:22 pm
    yes, and not pretty much, ALL THE WAY FREE

    sorry missed this! my bad but is it unlimited too!

  • Arnel Albesa

    How can i root the LG P500 please help guyz? God bless

  • T.rex

    I lost my evo 4g and I just order a other one....so my sister told me about there an up date for evo so I updated my phone than I try to rooted my phone they say I van is there any way I can by past that to root my phone.......i miss my other phone....Can someboby help me I feel like I cant do nothing with my phone

  • AlexisButler

    how do i root a thunderbolt phone with the software version 1.13.605.7... is it possible?

  • http://nil iamsra

    i use N1. Not rooted. s... scared!!
    And most of the writing on this site page has scared me a little bit more....this reading is toooooo technical.... why the hell did i buy an adroid phone...and why do i love it so much...when everything here is scary!!

  • Anabella

    i got into this, since my roomate jailbreak the iphone, and turned the house to a hot spot with free wifi. i got interested. i want to buy a smartphone, and turn my room to hotspot with free wifi too. does root, turned the smartphone to hot spot for free wifi???\
    i am making my math here before i decide which smartphone to buy. please help and advise

    • jake

      If i were you i would buy an iphone i have an android bionic and i have jailbroken devices with apple before i say you get iphone because thoae are the easiest to jailbreak. Reply plz

  • Saba shama

    Hey iv heard dat rooting android phone will make free all the paid applications available in market..is this true? N if I follow all intructions for my phone rooting properly, are there chances I might still damage my phone? Plz reply

  • http://www.androidpolice.com Saba shama

    Hey I hav heard dat rooting an android will free all paid applications in market...is this true? Andvif I follow all instructions for my phone rooting, can I still harm my phone?plz reply

  • http://www.androidpolice.com Saba Shama

    Hey I hav heard dat rooting an android will free all paid applications in market...is this true?

  • brian

    ok im new to this, just got my 1st htc hero running 2.1 , ok ive searched everywhere on how to root my htc and everywhere is so diferent, whats the easiest way to root it and easily explained please, cant wait to root it and just need 1 or 2 links please, many thanks from brian

  • Abhinav

    Ah, so badly want an Android device :P

  • Scott

    I have the HTC EVO 3D and an IPad, I want to cancel my Ipad data account and use the wifi on the EVO 3d to connect the IPAD, I do not want to use the Sprint Hotspot app because it is $30 a month. What is the best process to do this? Thanks

    • Gsankar522

      Then u have come to right place
      first root ur phone and then go to play store and download wifi thether download it and voila u can now use it IT IS

  • Terry

    How can I delete or at least disable clockworkmod recovery? It is preventing installation of needed updates. I'm at my wit's end and considering the nuclear option of a factory reset. Can anyone help me?

    • Gowrisankar522

      Yes thats the correct option u should backup everything before
      Happy factory reset

  • Celandine

    Is there any advantage to rooting a wifi version of the Galaxy Tab? I read the responses and many have phone plans which is the main reason why they are thinking/planning on doing this and makes perfect sense. But wifi? What more could I do with it rooted?

  • sumukh

    Good blog. my milestone's warranty expired a few days ago. Time to root it open

  • badboy

    Hi. I have a sony ericsson x10i cell. Eve just updated my phone to the latest gingerbread software. Should I root my phone. What would I be able to do if I do root. Advantages? And how do I go about it. Please advise. im from south Africa.

  • achilles

    when i upgrade to a new version of Android will my phone be unrooted??

  • Jwalt3

    Great stuff!!! I have an lg optimus m and am now planning on rooting. Any advice is welcomed with open arms.

  • James Parker

    The apps not working

  • Ken Harris

    su stands for "substitute user"...

  • henry

    I am a newby to this tech stuff. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to root my Android Thunderbolt...and if so how do I accomplish this.

  • http://eq4.net/ Michael Anthony

    Correction: SU is not technically known as "switch user". SU is most commonly referred to as "substitute user" (according to FreeBSD/Linux/Solaris manual pages and system documentation), but has also been called "super user", and "set user" in earlier versions of UNIX documentation. It is commonly thought of and referred to as "super user" for the fact root is the default name if none is provided thus the behavior suites the name.

  • jinav

    i have a samsung galaxy ace s5830 ver. 2.3.3...how do i root my phone...?? plz help...

    • lanciadeltarat1

      Google "how to root your phone model"..READ THIS ARTICLE,it dose not get any clearer.Google and you will find videos and a-z's for numb skulls even.

  • Rocky

    Helped a lot.. nice piece of information.. thanx a lot :)

  • Zpacozz

    Hey, want to start by saying your article is freaking good! I have a Nexus S and there's a new update, should I lock my phone before updating?

  • http://www.androidpolice.com Jesus

    Nice piece of information

  • Arche7ype

    Just to clarify, 'su' means neither 'switch user' or 'super user'. It means 'substitute user'. I feel that when dealing with things that could potentially damage somebody's device permanently, it is important to have to correct information. Not nitpicking, otherwise great article.

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    thanks so much

  • Xena’s person

    Thanks for the educ. I noticed this is all about phones. I am wanting to by galaxy tab either a high functioning 7" or 8.9. I have ATT service now with 2 iPhones and paying dearly for data plans I would like a rooted and unlocked Att GT. The sellers say all I need is a sims card. But how does that happen? Do you get a new phone number if the tab has phone or skype? I really can't see myself pulling my sims card out of my phone when I'm on a phone capable tablet. So how does that really happen? Is there a
    safe way buy a rooted unlocked tablet? Where do you buy sims cards for this task?

  • http://androidtabletuniverse.com Tablet PC lover
  • lanciadeltarat1

    I have a SGS2,are there many roms available for me that are reliable,or should I root for the basic root features and wait for a while before flashing roms,what do you think?????

  • lanciadeltarat1

    I just wanted to say,I just finished serving 10 years in the British Special Forces,the last five me which have been very messy and insanely stressful..Ok,your thinking "what the FUCK has that got to do with this"?Well by burying my head in this,you would not believe how it combats the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder me which I suffer.I'm just saying to some it's just messing with phones,to me it's sanity......:-)

    • petros

      good on you Thanks for protecting freedom!!

  • Rhonda

    I have a rooted HTC Evo (Sprint) and a new update just came out. How can I get that update? Since I am a litte technology challenged can you please post the instructions on how to do this....PLEASE!

  • http://www.dailytut.com Jomson George

    Hi, I found this as a great post. I need to root my htc wildfire... Is there any seperate technique or need to follow as what in the above post.

  • Aaron

    For just about any phone.... go to xda or sdx. http://forum.xda-developers.com/

  • Tahir

    I want to Root my Galaxy S2 (India), but I have some queries :
    1. I want to Install some of the APPS (like Friend Stream of HTC, Weather Widget, etc), is it possible?
    2. I am having 2.3.3 as Andriod OS, Can I upgrade it to ICS or to 2.3.6, if yes then how & from where I will get this?
    3. Can I install some other Vendor complete OS package, like of Sony Ericsion or HTC, if yes then how & from where I will get this?
    4. Can I Unroot it back to the Original version to get my Warranty, is yes then how & from where I will get this?
    5. What are the other benefits of rooting?

    I will be more than happy if you can reply me back thru mail, my mail id is : [email protected]

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