Android Police 2 weeks old

In the first 2 weeks of its existence Android Police has achieved a number of remarkable milestones. I am happy to list some of them here:

  • We are currently sitting at #2 position for "android news" on Yahoo, up from #9 a week ago.
  • After only 10 days, we had a Google PR (page rank) of 3.
  • Our Alexa ranking has been rising very quickly – it is now 284K, up from 420K a week ago.
  • We’ve been covered by Engadget, GigaOM, and got onto the front page of Techmeme.
  • We’ve been referenced as sources by AndroidAndMe, AndroidCentral, LeakDroid, TheUnlockr, various forums, and other major Android related sites.

Growing The Team

However, the most important achievement was the addition of 4 team members. Welcome, Chris, Sarah, John, and Andrew!

The team is very excited and is looking forward to bringing you great content in the upcoming weeks.

Doing Your Part

While we are doing our part, it is up to you, our reader, to stay up-to-date with the news. You can do this by following @AndroidPolice on Twitter, subscribing to the RSS feed, or exploring individual categories on the right sidebar (you can subscribe to RSS feeds for each category individually).

Cheers, everyone.


AndroidPolice founder.

P.S. The thumbnail - it is quite bad. Engineers are not meant to be designers :-[

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • anakin78z

    Well done guys!

    • Kane

      Yeah, way to go guys. That is some amazing move up the ladder, especially on Google. I've never heard of anyone do it this fast.

  • http://www.droidbob.com.br/ MacCrow

    Congratulations buddys !! I found this blog recently and can say is one of the best information source !

    Gretings from Brazil!