Only a few hours since we broke the news about a leaked Samsung Moment Android 2.1, another member of the same forum by the name of joeykrim that posted the original ROM announced that they have successfully rooted it.

Yes, that's right, Samsung Moment with Android 2.1 is now rooted.

So head over, no jet over, to the good old SDX-Developers forum and look at this post for detailed instructions which I will duplicate here.

General Android 2.1 Info including instructions and download locations - http://www.sdx-developers.com/index.php?topic=1436.0;topicseen
This thread is only regarding rooting Android 2.1.

This gets us root, but it isn't the prettiest method. Somebody can write a simpler guide but here are the files and methods I used.
Directions remain the same. Use version 3 of the update.zip. If following the manual directions, use the new wlservice attached below.
Must have DD03 and joeykrim recovery 2.1.3
Both are bundled together in this file - SPH-M900_MR2_DD03_REL-joeykrim-recovery-2.1.3.tar
After flashing with Sprint Update Tool, it reboots the system. Takes a few minutes the first time for everything to load.
Once Android 2.1 is loaded, turn it off.
Reboot into recovery - vol down + talk + end. Double check sdcard is mounted, Sdcard Options->Mount to /sdcard.
Apply update.zip Method - joeykrim-SDX-Android2.1-root-update-v3.zip
Double check sdcard is mounted. Sdcard Options -> Mount to /sdcard
adb push c:androidjoeykrim-SDX-Android2.1-root-update.zip /sdcard/joeykrim-SDX-Android2.1-root-update.zip
Select Apply Update .zip from Menu
Select joeykrim-SDX-Android2.1-root-update.zip
Apply and Reboot
Manual Command Line Method
We are going to load two files (attached here) onto the phone thru adb and do the rest of the commands thru adb shell
adb push c:androidinstall-recovery.sh /sdcard/install-recovery.sh
adb push c:androidwlservice /sdcard/wlservice
adb shell
cp /sbin/su /system/bin/su
mkdir /system/xbin
cp /sbin/su /system/xbin/su
cp /sdcard/install-recovery.sh /system/etc/install-recovery.sh
cp /sdcard/wlservice /system/bin/wlservice
Reboot the phone and viola, from Connectbot in the terminal, you'll have root!
*Note ADB is turned off by default in Android 2.1. Turn it back on and you'll also have root in adb shell.
If su doesn't return #, it didn't work cuz the phone boots too fast. Reboot the phone again and it will work.  Will fix this with an update soon.
We will clean this up as time goes on, it was developed after 7-8 hrs of the leak. SDX got Android 2.1 leaked first and rooted it first!

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Update: here is a video of Moment with Android 2.1 and some live wallpaper action:


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  • http://www.sdx-developers.com chibucks

    go joey!

  • m0ney7

    Just rooted my moment - finally 2.1!! The market works fine too.

  • ken

    how do i know if i have rooted or unrooted version. i do not have livewallpapers, no 3d gallery. and media volume turned all the way up and get no or little sound from media

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      You'd know if you have rooted your own phone usually but if really weren't sure, the easiest way is probably to try to download and install any of the programs that say they require root from the Market and see if they work.