Motorola Droid secret unlock codes

Wait, isn't an Android already superhuman or not human at all? Anyway… these videos were posted by a YouTube user DROIDshortcuts, most likely one of Motorola's marketing handles, and then sent over to us by the folks from M80 - a company that works with Motorola on promotions for the Droid.

These videos, shot in an amateur style, are actually quite funny and well made.

Our favorite is the pool one. What's yours?

Thanks, James from M80.

Artem Russakovskii
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  • My_December

    lol, the vid with the sexy bartender has my vote!

    all the vids are pretty awesome though..

  • Deltaechoe

    Had to watch the rest of them, there are 3 more that i saw on youtube btw. Funny stuff