RCA AirPower

Perpetual charging on the go for your Android phone might no longer be a distant dream, courtesy the new AirPower technology developed by RCA which sucks power from WiFi signals and constantly charges your phone's battery.

The RCA AirPower charger is expected to be available during this holiday season and would be a technological landmark for charging of portable devices such as cellphones (including your favorite Android phone), digital cameras, camcorders, music players, and other low power portable devices.

No More Dead Batteries

The RCA AirPower charger will aim to permanently free you from the hassles of plugging your phone into an AC jack.

At its core, a technology that literally makes delicious gadget juice out of thin air by absorbing the minuscule amounts of energy traveling with the WiFi signal.

At least that's the technical explanation. The other explanation - magic.

In the future, you would be able to simply leave your phone where you find a WiFi signal and off it goes charging. If you are on the move, your AirPower enabled devices will start charging themselves as soon as you pass through or linger in a hotspot.

However, let's not jump ahead of ourselves - the first products to use the AirPower technology will actually be portable chargers pictured below and not internal phone batteries. Carry them around with you and they will charge as soon as a WiFi signal passes by. RCA promises that plugging a gadget into one of these bad boys will charge it at the same rate a regular AC charger would.

RCA AirPower

It is interesting to note that RCA started developing this technology to serve as an emergency power source.

However, now that the massive business potential of this invention has sunk in, I am hoping to see it emerge as a front runner in the portable power battle. It is a boon for people like me who have a habit of misplacing their cellphone chargers every other day.

There's no official word by RCA on the working detail and pricing as of yet.

Keep an eye out for the RCA AirPower chargers for your mobile devices this holiday season!


Artem Russakovskii
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  • http://blog.trinition.org Brian J. Sayatovic

    I've heard about such concepts before (e.g. Nikola Tesla). First, I'd be surprised if much power could be obtained from existing WiFi signals. Second, if everyone starts walking around with things that absorb WiFi radio energy (transducing it into electricity), won't this just just start interrupting WiFi signals (e.g. set your WiFi charged phone near your laptops WiFi antenna and your connection drops)?

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Brian, the energy doesn't come out of nowhere, of course, so some signal power degradation will probably be expected. The question is what percentage of total power a single device would steal and how exactly it would impact the signal strength. Also, will it be able to pull from multiple WiFi signals around as a lot of us have multiple networks around us. Signal strength in future routers may increase too to potentially accommodate faster bandwidth.

      But right now we can't do much except sit around and wait till Christmas to give these chargers a proper test.

  • Jake

    At least there will be less radiation flying around in the air - less cancer to worry about :]

  • Gary

    lol guys... i think this is an april fools joke actually xD

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Well, it was posted way before April 1st but everything is possible. We're getting in touch with RCA to confirm.

    • Chris D

      It does sound pretty April Fool-ish, but I remember reading about this around CES: http://ces.cnet.com/8301-31045_1-10433178-269.html

      As to whether it actually works, or how well..that remains to be seen.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      I just received confirmation from RCA that the product is real.

  • e2b

    Well, this is completely bullshit and every scientific could confirm that. Where the hell should the energy come from?

    Think of this: The access point uses some energy for sending out signals - spherical in every direction. And now you use this gadget to receive energy, to get something from the orbital energy field surface. Well that is a bit too little. Maybe you can that little energy to stop running down your battery in stand-by.

    And don't forget that easy little scientific question: Where does the energy come from? The access point uses energy to send the data over air. If you could use something of the signal to load your battery, well, the signal gets lower. And you have to know a access point doesn't use much energy compared to the range it reaches.

    Sorry for my bad English, but I really had to correct this falsehood used by some unknown dubious companies for marketing. Don't forget: If this is a magical source of energy bigger companies would release some products.

  • http://none Elderon

    This is actually real. There is a fully working prototype of a similar concept that was shown on a TED conference video presentation a while back showing even high powered devices running from wireless power, including tv's, cell phones, and I believe computer desktops.

    Also to note, are these ridiculous notions people have that these things "steal" signals out of the air. That is just plain silly. Signals are not magic laser beams that pinpoint devices, no they are broadcasted in wide beams or omni directionaly and if a device happens to be in reception range, then it can read that signal,merely reading the data that is transmitted does not affect any other device.

    The only thing I can even think of is some of you think that these transmit too? or somehow connect to the access point, and then having the access point continually feed random packets to it to charge it. If that's the case then yeah it would cause a drop for others maybe, but otherwise if it just passively intercepts wifi or other data, then no it does not.

    Oh and here is the link for the TED talks conference video. http://blog.ted.com/2009/08/wireless_electr.php

    not by rca, but the technology is shown to work and thus at least feasible. The only question I have is how much energy can be generated by wifi?

  • The Spink

    To all of you bashing this post/idea, I don't have much to say to you. However what I will say, is that it takes a fool to ignore the ideas of a genious. Nicola Tesla was one of the smartest men to ever live. And although some of you don't believe it, he discovered and harnessed electricity before Edison. Sadly, in their time the public did the same thing you are doing now, and shot down Tesla's proven method of transmitting electricity through the air (which is basically all that wifi/bluetooth/3g/am/fm are... radio waves and microwaves). If they had listened to Tesla, we would have had cell phones and wifi a LOT sooner, and wouldn't be so screwed by the electricity companies.
    You were right when you said that a wifi access point transmits in a certain radius. But all this is doing is simply absorbing that energy being sent out, before it gets so faint it goes away.
    Think of it this way... If you were to turn on your microwave with the door open, YOU would absorb those microwaves (within a certain distance), the H2O molicules inside of you would speed up, and you would esentially cook. This doesn't mean that the food inside of the microwave will get any less cooked. It simply means that those microwaves that weren't going to run into your food, instead run into you.
    I know that's a complex way to explain it, but this is science we're talking about. And please, if you're going to state a claim that "every scientific could confirm that" (great grammar btw), please have the scientific proof/recearch to back it up. Or just go back to highschool where they taught these things.
    It's common sense really. WIFI is made up of waves, just as sound. If I YELL! Everone around me will hear it. It doesn't matter how many people are in the room. Having more people there won't take away from how much other people hear it. So as my sound waves hit your ear drum, and cause a reaction, so does the wifi.
    That is all I have to say. If people still want to challange this, then they're idiots. If you think "scientific could confirm" your pathetic argument, then show proof or explain yourself. That is all...

    - The Spink

    • http://youtube.com/LiquidChem Messenger of Truth

      about Ni k o la T E s la

      Hi. I have studied T E s la. Everything you say is true. He actually came up with the

      idea of cel phones although he didnt call it "cell phones" or even "phones" at the time..

      This was over 100 years ago.

      I have a copy of the original patent if anyone thinks this is not true. N at han S t u bble

      field had T E s la work on a project with him somewhere around 1905, sending wireless

      telephony transmissions over great distances; and they were successful.

      S t u bble field hired T E s la because of his expertise in this field.He was the simply the

      best (and really the only person who could actually do these things) in the world.

      I sometimes think of him as if he's some advanced alien with knowledge of advanced

      technology but happened to end up in human form on Earth in this time somehow haha..

      He had stated many times that he would "..get Dreams and Visions with these ideas and it

      felt as if they were coming from somewhere external, from out there, from the universe.."

      He had a photographic memory and actually stored every single bit of data, all his ideas,

      blueprints, and plans, etc. all IN HIS HEAD! down to the very last detail. He would have

      an idea then build the entire machine or complex device in his head, working out every

      single piece and detail and assembling it all in his head. He could then Write down every

      bit of information and drawings on paper as if it was a computer reproduction.

      He said he could think of one of his machines, sometimes containing hundreds of

      independant parts, and see it as a single unit, then manipulate it piece by piece - (just like

      how we can use a computer program to blow up a diagram in 3d and see all the parts and

      how they connect),- he could do this in his head.

      T E s la had written in one his patents:"...I can envision a world where I have many of my

      wireless energy transmitters in different locations all over the world that will send and

      receive wireless transmissions enabling instant communication of human beings from any

      one location on the planet to another. THIS WAS IN THE LATE 1800's when he had

      this idea and he already had built and successfully tested these devices. !!!!!

      T E s la also perfected the wireless transmission of other bands and frequencies enabling

      him to send wireless electricity just the same way to anywhere in the world.

      If you have seen the movie " T h e P r e s t i g e ", that was him [Ni k o la T E s la] -and

      from what I see, everything they showed him doing in that movie,- he actually did all of

      those things in real life; (and yes, there IS proof and records of this, of these devices,

      along with blueprints, designs, notes, and hundreds of patents.!! -- many people have re-

      created a lot of these devices currently today by finding this information and they continue

      his work obsessively..)

      The scene from the movie (" T h e P r e s t i g e ") where he lights up all the light bulbs in

      the field from really far away for example was pretty much perfectly accurate from what I

      have read (from T E s la 's personal journals).

      Through my own research and experimenting I have found that it IS possible to send and

      receive electricity of different frequencies over great distances, it is possible to get

      electricty from the earth, it is possible to get electricity from the atmosphere (ambient),

      and it is possible to access and harness the Ze r o - P o i n t Energy Field basically using

      the motion of Strings to "push" Electrons through the different layers of the Field "creating

      the motion" of what we call Electricty and then translate that Signal into a usable Current

      for actual Devices (and Im talking about REAL Power here, not just a few mAh or micro


      Its pretty simple actually on a fundamental level - The Sun is positively charged, hitting

      the Earth's Atmosphere with Positive Ionic Radiation at all times making the Earth's

      Atmoshpere the ground since it is more negatively charged than the Sun. This makes a

      large Battery. (Cosmic - Outer Space)

      The Atmosphere of the Earth is therefore more positively charged than the Earth making

      this a huge Battery also (The GAP between Atmospheric and Earth).

      And The Earth itself is more Positively charged at the North pole and more negatively

      charged at the South pole making this a battery as well. (The Earth).

      And then there is the Zero-Point Energy Field.

      Of course dont forget the Sun's Energy that hits the Earth in such Abundance that the

      amount of Energy/Power contained in ONE CUBIC FOOT of ONE HOUR of


      THINK About That.

      Not to mention all the other sources of free energyF R E E E N E R G Y , -- Wind,

      Water Flow, Gravitational, Perpetual Motion Devices, Magnetic Motors, other Overunity

      Devices, Spark Gaps, Ambient, the list goes on and on and numbers into the Thousands..

      (and of course good old fashioned Rotary Dynamos - brute force Human Physical

      Powered Electricity Generating, such as a Bike connected to a Generator..)

      He actually figured out a way to harness and use the Natural Oscillation of the Earth to

      Generate Power.

      All we need to do is figure out how to amplify the 2.4 gHz Signal. We dont get the Power

      from somewhere that is being drained. The wifi signal is constant and we simply capture

      the waves that would have been lost to the air and dissipate naturally. Its just a matter of

      translating or converting the signal to something usable such as ac or dc power current..


      If we can amplify the wifi signal (which is thousands of times too weak to power or charge

      devices) then we can get usable energy, (which is what it obviously seems like what the

      guys at r c a have figured out how to do. (i tend to beleive this isnt a scam since it is


      Ok LETS GO.

      (+ ^ ^ +)

      • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

        What's with the formatting? :-/

    • Robert Kilian

      Not to be a dick, but I thought it was funny how you misspelled "research". Right after you were correcting someone else.

      • Einstein

        Never an issue for any genius to spell words incorrectly as long as that genius understands a problem and discovers the cause and consequences to form a solution.

  • http://fsa ask me

    Do the calculations - the amount of energy is ridiculously small as to make the claims (for the device) *nearly* fraudulant. Yeah Tesla was great, but the laws of thermodynamics still hold.

  • Fern109

    But just think. In theory if we can get even a tiny bit of energy in the form of waves/signals from a wifi, couldn't we make a whole seperate device for just turning electricity into signals, therefore no more
    outlets, cords and thinking about plugging something in. We have personal wifi that actually sends energy. Couldn't we have personal wireless chargers that could send much more power to your device. Wouldn't that work in theory?

  • Angel

    I 'm gonna buy one of these and enable my phone as an access point to recharge the charger with my phones wifi to charge my phone...infinite electricity!

  • http://www.sabrinasabino.com sabrina

    I found about this through the iPhone wifi app and just thought about whether or not Android had one (which I was pretty sure about). Technology is becoming more and more interesting, thumbs up for this one.

  • http://www.gplus.to/8055 hkb

    Google NEEDS to invest here.

  • http://www.facebook.com/matteus.legat Matteus Legat

    You can use this feature in any phone whith Android 2.2+ whitout buying anything. It works on my Galaxy Ace.
    DOWNLOAD THE APP: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dreamitwecodeit.wificharger