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If you are as interested in Android as I am, you might just be looking for a more unobtrusive and interesting way of absorbing the news.

As this highly scientific chart unequivocally shows, the amount of new Android related information has skyrocketed in 2009:

Google trends for "Android"

So rather than spend hours trying to weed out the interesting bits in your browser (unless, of course, you're reading Android Police which is a delight - RSS/Twitter), you can instead fire up your favorite podcast app (BeyondPod on Android is mine) and subscribe to some Android podcasts. And now instead of listening to that Britney or Linkin Park song for the 33504th time while sitting in traffic, you have a great un-boring alternative - or rather 10 alternatives.

Without further ado, allow me to present

Top 10 Android Podcasts

10. SprintUsers Podcast

A recently started podcast discussing Sprint, Android, and other relevant mobile topics. They don't really have a homepage - just a perpetually updating forum post.

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9. Android Guys Podcast

The guys from AndroidGuys.com talk about Android news and rumors.

Weekly AndroidGuys show with the gang looking back at recent Android news and rumors. New handsets and software announcement, app picks, and more!

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8. Android And Me Show

Taylor and Clark Wimberly from AndroidAndMe.com get together weekly and discuss Android news.

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7. Phandroid Podcast

Rob Jackson from Phandroid.com and his guests talk about Android in this weekly podcast.

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6. gdgt Weekly Podcast

Ryan Block and Peter Rojas of gdgt.com talk about gadget news in this weekly podcast and mention Android in pretty much every podcast nowadays.

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5. Android Central Podcast

The crew from AndroidCentral.com recently started a weekly podcast of their own. The main host doesn't stutter or say "umm" and "uhh" and is a pleasure to listen to, which is why this podcast is up on spot #5.

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4. MOTODEV Android Podcast

Quite surprisingly, Motorola has a whole podcast dedicated to Android application development. It is very interesting to follow as the hosts deal with Android professionally every day.

The MOTODEV podcast is all about Android application development in terms of getting started, developing and distributing your application. We talk with experts at Motorola as well as leading edge companies building the next generation of applications.

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3. Buzz Out Loud Podcast

Spot number 3 is occupied by a very opinionated Molly Wood, Tom Merritt, and their crew from CNET who have a daily (!) podcast of indeterminate length (that's Molly's patented catch phrase) discussing tech news. As with other podcasts, Android now occupies a good portion of the podcast.

The current episode number at the time of this writing is a staggering 1193.

Btw, Buzz Out Loud is also available in video format.

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2. This Week In Google (TWiG)

Leo Laporte, perhaps the greatest and most charismatic personality in the podcast world, and his guests host a weekly podcast about everything Google related that is newsworthy.

Since Android is developed by Google and Leo is an avid Android fan, his podcasts are very heavily Android flavored.

TWiG comes out in both video and audio formats.

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And now drum roll... Spot number 1 goes to

1. This Week In Tech (TWiT)

Every week Leo Laporte's flagship show - This Week In Tech - discusses the latest trends in tech news. Leo tends to have a variety of interesting guests on his show, of whom I enjoy John Dvorak the most - he is one of those guys in tech who just doesn't give a #$%!. The topic of Android comes up on every show as Android is a personal favorite of Leo's as well as most of his guests.

TWiT won the "Best Video Podcast" People's Choice award in 2009 and has been my favorite podcast ever since I first heard it.

Just like TWiG, TWiT is available in both video and audio formats.

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Did you enjoy this list? Got another podcast you like? Go ahead and share with us in the comments.

Artem Russakovskii
Artem is a die-hard Android fan, passionate tech blogger, obsessive-compulsive editor, bug hunting programmer, and the founder of Android Police.
Most of the time, you will find Artem either hacking away at code or thinking of the next 15 blog posts.

  • jx3p

    Thanks for the list. Picked up a few podcasts I was missing, especially motodev.

  • Jonathan Spadafora

    You forgot the best podcast of them all for Android Apps and its called android app addicts and its on the http://www.podnutz.com web page. They do it once a week, the show rocks.

  • Bill

    Thanks for the list! I'd like to ask, though, what are you using to manage your podcasts on your Android device? i've just purchased a Xoom (moving from an iPad) and want to still easily access podcasts. I'm finding it tough. Any suggestions out there?

  • ocdp

    Best way to listen: http://onecast.vertile.com

  • http://www.howdoiuseandroid.com How Do I Use Android?

    I agree that the "This Week in ..." are the best of the podcasts about Android.

    I use the "Listen" App to listen to podcasts, and it works pretty well.

  • http://mobilepaprika.com powell

    There is one more on my list podcasts: Android Atlas. I like the quality of sound (they have professional studio) and the content of the talks.
    As for the podcast player - I use Pocket Casts.