Motorola robot screen test

Did you know Motorola has a Labs team that does cool things and then blogs about them? They're pretty cool like that. Correction: interesting piece of trivia - did you know MOTO Labs actually has nothing to do with Motorola? With a name like MOTO, one could think… well never mind, I apologize for the mistake.

The Finger Test

For example, in January they tested the screens on 4 flagship mobile phones by swiping a finger across the screen in a drawing app and recording the resulting patterns, complete with photos and a video.

The phones in the first test were:

  • Apple iPhone
  • HTC Droid Eris
  • Motorola Droid
  • Google Nexus One

The iPhone won with the straightest lines (no surprise here - the iPhone screen feels like butter), Eris and N1 were *kind of* accurate and the Motorola Droid was the most inaccurate. By the way, you guys got balls reviewing your own product a product from a company with a name that can be easily confused for your own and finding it sucks the most out of the whole group.

Here are the finger test results:

Motorola finger test results

Fingers? Pshh - So Inaccurate - Let The Robot Do it

OK, said MOTO and instructed a local robot (what, you don't have robots hanging around your place? Weak.) to perform exactly the same tests, except this time using its robotic fingers and more phones.

The phones in this second test were:

  • Apple iPhone
  • HTC Droid Eris
  • Motorola Droid
  • Google Nexus One
  • Palm Pre
  • Blackberry Storm 2

The robot confirmed, yet again, that the iPhone's screen rocks the socks off all other phones. Nexus One and Eris were still sharing the 2nd place while the Droid, Pre, and Storm 2 were quite mediocre, especially to the light touch. I can definitely attest to that with the Pre and Droid.

Here are the actual results of the second test:

Motorola robot fingers test results

And finally if you want to see how they did it (and I recommend you do because the video is done quite nicely), proceed to the video below:

MOTO - this was way cool, thank you. Now get to work - that Droid is not going to stop having the worst screen all on its own. Yeah… you go teach that Motorola how to make a good screen! Now I'd like to see a survey of how many people think MOTO=Motorola when they first hear about them.

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  • jx3p

    Droid is this bad? didn't really notice but yeah - it's no iPhone screenwise.

  • http://dumpsterventures.com/wayne Wayne Elgin

    Moto, the company who performed these tests both times, is not at all related to Motorola.

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii

      Wayne, thank you for the correction. I posted the edits. It never occurred to me that MOTO and Motorola are not the same and that Motorola can even allow them to exist under that name.

  • Bob Loblaw

    I have a Droid and can confirm that the touchscreen is not incredibly accurate. Not bad enough to annoy you while you're using it regularly, but you can tell.

  • jenom

    I think that the iPhone smoothes the values from the touchscreen. That's why it gets straight lines in the middle and round cornes at the edges. So the test does not only reflect the quality of the touchscreen but a combination of algorithms and accuracy. When you don't just draw straigth lines you might get a result, where the nexus or the droid eris end up best.

    • georges

      I've got an iphone 3G. The touchscreen works perfectly. For example I play Othello on it, so a 8x8 matrix, and it always picks the cell I want.

      the othello user interface is just to click on the 8x8 matrix, so no interpolation can be made.

      And because the cells are smaller than my finger tip, I have to touch very lightly, and the screen must be very sensitive.

  • rockysiccion

    Can you please test the dell streak?

  • http://www.justmash.com Jay Shete

    i havemoto g and its the best phone ever in cheap price range you cannot have a better deal