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The Android Marketplace counts over 40,000 applications and games as of today, at least according to the online Android Market tracker AndroLib.

Android Market hits 40k apps

This number is not inflated in any way by counting application updates - AndroLib includes only separate programs in the total.

A useful statistics page provides some insight into the daily growth for the curious.

At the pace the Marketplace is growing at the moment, it will reach 100,000 applications by sometime in September, as our math geek Artem reported yesterday.

Congratulations to Android on this important milestone.

AndroLib number of applications added per month AndroLib total number of applications

  • Uwe

    This number is inflated since androlib also includes apps which were unpublished.

    30k is a better estimate of the current number of apps in the market. Also interesting to know that at least 10k of those apps are spam:

    • http://www.AndroidPolice.com Artem Russakovskii


      I have contacted AndroLib about the accuracy of their data and methods of collecting their information. I'll post what I find out from their reply.