Sprint Developer Program

Following yesterday's announcement of the first 4G handset for Sprint, the company earlier today posted a bunch of new helpful information to their Android Developers site to guide developers around the newly introduced features never before seen on an Android phone, or even *any* mobile phone.

Here is the new stuff that what we found there:

So, developers, get on that front facing camera API and let's see some cool video conferencing apps that iPhone can only dream about!

  • http://topdownview.com Jon Jennings

    You're right that these are probably new programming issues for independent developers.

    However they're not all entirely new features never before seen on any mobile phone. Video calling and front-facing cameras have been available in the UK since "3" launched the UK's first 3G network back in 2003.

    Not that anybody ever gave us an API to access them way back then though :-)

  • ShellDude

    um... there's no api reference included for the front facing camera api... did you at least read the reference guide?