Last Updated: March 22nd, 2010

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I think this is going to be really neat: you walk around the streets of San Francisco, for example, with your Android powered phone, en route to your destination 20 blocks away.

You whip out your phone, go to Google Maps, pull up the StreetView (remember this?), which zeroes in on your location using a built-in GPS, and then changes as you move the phone around using the built-in compass.

You then virtually walk the city, looking around, without actually moving an inch (looking for the closest ATM, restaurant, etc, hint-hint?).

Without further ado, let's have a look at this video from Google's I/O Conference for a demonstration?

This video is really the 2nd part in a series but it was the most interesting one. Part 1 follows for the curious:

Visual voicemail and slide zoom touch interface from Apple, compass from Google, ... from Sun? What's next? My Sprint contract is up and I am definitely looking forward to Q3 and Q4 of this year!

Edit: I found a nice related video by G4TV. Here it is:

  • http://www.1986tp.cn adamzhu1986

    The video is brilliant! Looking for the releasing of a cellphone with Android!

    • Martim

      Hi there.

      It looks like you were the first commenter on the first ever post on Android Police. Your prize is a virtual internet point.

      In 2014 these are still worthless, but I'm pretty sure they'll be exchangeable for goods and services somewhere in the near future.

  • http://omninoggin.com Thaya

    I can't wait to get my hands on the Google Phone. I'm tired of this iPhone hype. I will definitely sell my AAPL stock as soon as the iPhone2 comes out.

    • Martim

      Ouch... I hope you didn't sell. AAPL has gone up over 800% from January 1, 2009 to today (November 13, 2014).

  • http://www.dufault.info Phil Dufault

    I really like the Android OS as an open API -- some of the applications that won the Google ADC, or even some that didn't are all awesome.

  • http://cubiclegeneration.blogspot.com/2008/08/pictures-of-first-google-phone.html Google Phone Pictures

    :) T-Mobile is making the Dream, the world's first Google Android phone!

  • William Gardner

    I caved in a and bought an iphone after thinking the T-mobile was just a bit chunky. Still, only on an 18 months contract so will get an android around then I reckon.

  • cheap phone accessories

    Google is really inovative with there android phone. Looking forward seeing one in action! Bought an iphone a while ago but after seeing what this phone can do i want to exchange it allready hehe.

  • Li

    There are many new android phones coming out soon, like the Sony-Ericsson Xperia which will be a lot better then any existing phone out there, yes including the iPhone

  • Gnex


    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Peeking at the very first post I see.

      • L

        I accidentally clicked the last button instead of next :(

  • https://plus.google.com/u/0/108482452903817442299/posts Andrew Bone

    First... No?

  • KatalystK

    we have come so far

  • Woe, Is [S]unjay

    We sure have advanced in such a short period of time.

  • HellG

    haha!! "which zeroes in on your location using a built-in GPS"
    How long have we come since your first post Artem :D